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Guest Blog: New Routine: Enjoy the ride, Don’t Stress about it by Miss Aurelia

By Miss Aurelia I love burlesque and I love performing! Creating a new routine is my favourite part of burlesque, as it allows me to be as creative as I need and/or want to be with both dancing and costume-making! However, as a non-professional performer, it is also the hardest and most time-consuming part of …

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #5 – Showgirl Make Up

Hey everyone, Oh happy day! It’s that time again, where we delve into the depths of the sparkly world of burlesque to present to you our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque. Our next valuable installment of this guide fulls under the guise of Showgirl Make Up. We hope you enjoy…

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Tease with Trixie: FREE Burlesque Online Class

Hey Everyone, It’s Wednesday and we hope you are feeling fabulous.  We are excited to bring you today’s BRAND NEW feature, a monthly feature with our Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue, a burlesque lesson that you can take part in at home… TEASE WITH TRIXIE…

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Trixie’s Tips – Get the Showgirl Look: Burlesque Red Glitter Lips Tutorial

Hey everyone, How are you all today? Well Trixie has decided to take over the blog today with a…wait for it…VIDEO tutorial. Not just any video tutorial BUT a red glitter lip tutorial, perfect for unleashing your inner burlesque babe.  If you have ever fancied trying the gorgeous glitter lip, then look no further…

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