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How to “Burlesque” on a Budget…

Hey everyone, Hope you are well today and having lots of fun. Are you ready to find out How to “Burlesque” on a Budget? Then here we go… The sparkly world of burlesque is full of iridescent beauty and decadent costumes, emulating an otherworldly prowess that really captures the magpie within.  We do love a …

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #5 – Showgirl Make Up

Hey everyone, Oh happy day! It’s that time again, where we delve into the depths of the sparkly world of burlesque to present to you our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque. Our next valuable installment of this guide fulls under the guise of Showgirl Make Up. We hope you enjoy…

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Our Secrets to Body Confidence Revealed – Introduction

Hey everyone,  The taboo subject of body confidence has been debated in a variety of ways, in particular how the media portrays the body.  We champion uniqueness at House of Trixie Blue and we have written various articles over the years that aim to tackle, inform and develop your own body confidence. We feel that …

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3 Simple Steps of Seduction

Seduction – noun 1. an act or instance of seducing, especially sexually. 2.the condition of being seduced. 3. a means of seducing; enticement; temptation. ( From our research, the art of seduction is truly unique.  Sure, there are a few things that remain the same, such as a recipient to devour your seductive charms, however, …

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FREEBIE – The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque – Choreography Creation #1

Hey everyone, We hope you are super smashing today. It is BURLESQUE DAY! We have claimed Wednesday’s in the name of burlesque, as we get to spend the evening with our fabulous burlesque course beauties. We can’t wait. This week we thought we would bring you something extra special.  Something that you can really get …

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3 Cheeky Ways to Spice up your Valentines Day

Happy Hump Day,  It’s Wednesday, middle of the week, the day of the hump! Cor blimey, its that time of the year folks, where we get hot under the collar and profess our love to others. That’s right Valentine’s Day. Commercialisation aside, even if you are not keen on the idea, we know these cheeky …

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Tease with Trixie: FREE Burlesque Online Class

Hey Everyone, It’s Wednesday and we hope you are feeling fabulous.  We are excited to bring you today’s BRAND NEW feature, a monthly feature with our Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue, a burlesque lesson that you can take part in at home… TEASE WITH TRIXIE…

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House of Trixie Blue’s Guide to Stage…FRIGHT

Hello everyone, How are you all? Fabulous? of course you are!!! We are feeling amazing today as it is our burlesque choreography and The Blue Belles burlesque graduation tonight and we cannot wait to share the experience with these lovely ladies.  We are so so so proud of them all and cannot wait to burst …

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The Top 3 Items Every Burlesque Babe Should Have in Their ‘Burly Kit’ By Trixie Blue

Hey guys n dolls, How are you all? fabulous? fantastic? we hope so.  Today our principal enchantress Trixie Blue is taking over the blog to bring you her top 3 items that every burlesque babe should have in their ‘burly kit’.

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