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Online vs Onstage: The Pros and Cons by Scarlet Rose

Well, as we all know, given the state of the outside world, live entertainment including burlesque has been predominately forced online. As much as this absolutely saddens the hearts of performers, I’m not here to dwell on that side of things. That’s for later on tonight with my blanket and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Instead I thought I would compare and contrast the two mediums, as much as we ALL prefer a live stage and audience, there are still some perks to a streamed show (although some elements will never live up to the real thing):

– Accessibility! HOTB is and always has been accessible to its core and online shows increase our ability to share the joy of burlesque with people who previously may have not been able to get to a live event.


  • You know and have the facilities all to yourself. As much as I may miss the camaraderie of a shared dressing room area, your own home provides you with your own changing area, toilet AND no audience members are going to nick your costume. (Unless you have some creepy housemates).


  • No backstage bants. Performer friends up and down the country, I bloody miss having a catch up with you all backstage, cheering you on from the side and yelling in jokes at each other. Can’t wait to ask you all for spare safety pins when I next see you.


  • Your stage is the same every time. You know where your best light is, you can stage it exactly how you want and you have every single bump in the floor committed to muscle memory. No surprises here! You can also check exactly what the audience are seeing from your own screen too, which frankly is a luxury I’m not sure I can give up now.


– No historical connection. I don’t know about you, but my flat is a new build conversion from 2006. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t have a rich history of performances given by icons of industry that I’m now a part of. There’s a special frisson reserved for performing in old theatres, potentially with historical significance to your industry, knowing that you’re now sharing a stage with artists you’ve admired over decades. My leopard print rug, delightful though it is, does not have the same effect.


  • Proximity to snacks. We all know after the adrenaline rush of performing comes the                      monumental desire for carbs. At a live show this satisfaction will be delayed because, well, there’s a show to watch, curtain call to make, performers to catch up with and most venues don’t come with a drive-thru McDonald’s attached (we all know the torment of spotting one on a late drive back only for it not to be 24 hours). At home however… All the snacks you could possibly want are RIGHT THERE, in your kitchen. Or possibly at the side of your laptop, just out of shot. You can satisfy those hunger cravings as much as you want and to top it off, it’s a free bar too.


  • No live audience! It can be difficult to re-create the atmosphere of live audiences via tiny Zoom windows and as much as we appreciate all the tricks producers use to give us that hit, really, we long to hear your real life applause again. (Though anyone shouting, “Get your tits out” needs to get their wallet out first ;)).


  • We still get to do our job. Unlike other industries that had to shut down fully (and much love to anyone working in them) live entertainment, as ever, found a way to adapt and get light relief to the population. We still get to perform our hearts out and show a deserving audience a good time. To have these pockets of joy in these times, they mean the world. Thank-you to everyone who has bought tickets, tipped and supported performers. We love you and hope to see you from the raked stage soon.

Love & Tassels,

Scarlet Rose



Instagram: @scarletroseburlesque

I’m now providing individual pole private dance videos, find me on the above accounts to order your own!


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Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue


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