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Top 5 Tips for Performing Burlesque Online by Trixie Blue

I have had the pleasure to perform and produce online shows now since April. It has been a humbling moment in my burlesque career, and it’s been wonderful that the entertainment industry can still work through digital means (very limited means as I am sure we all can’t wait to get back to our stages). I have compiled a list of my top tips about performing online and I am sharing these with you all today.

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Tip 1:

It’s a real show!

Treat that online show as if you would treat a real show; answer your producers questions, send your music and get all the information they need by the deadline that they set. Ensure that you turn up to call time and stay for the curtain call if needed. 


First ever Online House of Trixie Blue Show – April 2020 The Periwinkle Pussycat


Tip 2:

Computer Savvy!

If you’re not familiar with the software, check it out at least a week before the show, so you don’t stress yourself, the producer, and other cast members and plus it helps makes the show run more smoothly. I’m sure your producer would be more than happy to go through the software with you. Failing that, you can always ask me and I’m more than happy to go through any software with you – never hesitate to ask. 


Tip 3:

Paint for the world!

Makeup for stage always needs to enhance your features so that we can see you from the back row and this is no different online; digital cameras, phones or webcams aren’t always high spec and not everyone’s screens are HD! This means you need to add even further definition to your usual stage makeup. If you’re not sure about stage makeup in general, have a look at House of Trixie Blue’s The Ultimate Guide to stage makeup.

Check out the online tutorials by Aurora Galore

Check out the online tutorials by John Celestus

Check out the online tutorials by Rubyyy Jones


Tip 4:

Work the camera!

Even though you can’t necessarily see your audience, your audience wants a performance that makes them feel just as fabulous as they would on dry land. Show your bits off and show your camera what you’re made of.

Don’t be scared to look directly into your camera lens – this is the same as looking directly into your audience members eyes, engage with it, play with it and have fun with it.

Sadly you might have to get used to not hearing applause as online shows mean you won’t necessarily see or hear your audience – you will need to get used to hearing either silence muffled claps, silence or canned applause. Always perform your very best and remember, you may even have a global audience. 


Tip 5:

Tech issues!

If there’s any tech issues, don’t panic. Just try to let someone know that you’re having problems and it will be absolutely fine, everyone is aware that technology is not the most reliable. Just be honest and the show will go on. 



Have fun! Treat it as you would any show on dry land and have so much fun. Remember you’re part of a brand new movement and try to look at it as a positive, rather than a negative. 

I hope these tips come in handy for you. I’d love to know your experience with online shows. Please comment below or head on to our Facebook to have a discussion. 


Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in the digital world and on dry land very soon. 


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Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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