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Burlesque Show 101: What to Expect at a show?

Hey everyone, How’s it going? We do hope you are having an awesome week and enjoying the start of spring.   Now this looks a little lazy and a little cheeky to be rehashing an old blog post, however, with the impending show, The Carnival of Tease this April, we thought it would be a brilliant …

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How do you create an act? Answered in 5 easy steps by Scarlet Rose

Good day everyone, We hope you are having a crazy awesome start to your Wednesday. We are super excited to bring you today’s blog by the captivating Scarlet Rose. Boil the kettle, grab a biccy and have a read of Scarlet’s 5 steps of how to create an act…

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Do you have to…reveal?

Hey Everyone, How are you all today? If you haven’t already seen it (which would be hard not to), BACK TO THE FUTURE is officially in the past! GREAT SCOTT! Most of House of Trixie Blue were alive in 1985/2012/2015 (especially 2015), how fatefully depressing ;-).  Anyhoo, lets brighten up this autumn afternoon by answering one …

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Your Questions Answered…”Do you have to be certain body shape/size learn burlesque?”

Hey everybody, How are you all today? We hope you are healthy, happy and hyper on this ‘hump’ day.  We are having a cheeky Wednesday bluelesque burlesque day off today.  This means we are not seeing our amazing burlesque ladies tonight, SAD FACE! 😦 BUT never fear, we are BACK next week – Wednesday 10th June …

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