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April 2018 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses Booking Now

SPRING TIME! Step into Spring with House of Trixie Blue’s weekly flex/burlesque classes.  Learn a new party trick with the splits or unleash your inner showgirl with burlesque!  Wednesday nights will never be the same again. Advertisements

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October 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses Booking Now

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes, The season of change is underway and we are embracing that change and encouraging you all to come and join us.  Learn how to flex your way into the Autumn and/or unleash your inner goddess with House of Trixie Blue.  We are booking now for our October 2017 Burlesque & …

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August 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses BOOKING NOW

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes, Summer is underway, beautiful blue skies and hopefully lots of BBQ’s.  We know just the perfect way to celebrate warmer weather and that’s by unleashing your inner burlesque starlet with our Burlesque Choreography course or get sexy and flexi with our FlexiBlue course.  We are booking now for our August …

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April 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses BOOKING NOW

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes, Put the spring in your step and bash away those April showers by becoming the FlexiBlue or Burlesque GODDESS you are.  Our April flex and burlesque courses have been created to make you feel fabulous, learn some new skills and make some sparkly new friends.  Well what are you waiting …

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January 2017 FlexiBlue & Burlesque Courses

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes, Start your brand new year with a big bang with House of Trixie Blue.  Make 2017 your best year yet and start on your unique journey to: a) achieve the splits (amazing party trick guaranteed to get you a free drink tee hee) b) unleash your inner goddess with burlesque. …

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August 2016 FlexiBlue & Burlesque Courses

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes, We are always looking to create exciting adventures with you lovelies at House of Trixie Blue. With Summer nearly over, we are BACK for our Autumn term (starting in August, tee hee, we love to keep you on your toes) …

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May 2016 Course Menu – FlexiBlue/Burlesque

Hey you lovely bunch, Things are hotting up here at House of Trixie Blue as we prepare for the summer months in the only way we know how by unleashing our next menu of courses.   If getting your flexibility back for summer is just the ticket for you, then check out our FlexiBlue course …

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Top 3 Benefits of being Flexible and Fabulous

Hey everyone, How are you all today? We hope you are well and enjoying the start to the most romantic month of them all. On the tip of our tongue and in every conversation is all about flexibility. We have upped our flexibility game at HOTB ahead of our first ever beginners FlexiBlue workshop (more …

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