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Trixie Blue Bares All – Showgirl Make up Transformation (Whisker Wednesday)

Hey everyone,

December is upon us! Beautiful decorations are displayed and alcohol consumption is at an all-time high –  it’s a winter wonderland Ladies and Gentlemen.

For the full festive month, we are introducing you to our final member of The Sapphire Whiskers.  This member not only is part of the Whiskers but is the Principal Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue…the namesake herself… Trixie Blue.

Do you dare read on? Well of course you do, coffee break reading has never been so ridiculous… here…we…go…

(C)Bentley G. Ravelle

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Meet Maggie! The Newest Member of The Sapphire Whiskers by Scarlet Rose

Hey everyone,

We have a secret to share with you! We have a new member! A new, fabulous member of The Sapphire Whiskers. HUZZAH!

Scarlet Rose has taken her Whisker Wednesday opportunity to introduce you to her…she loves her tummy tickled…

oie_transparent (5)

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Glasgow Festival of Burlesque By Scarlet Rose

Hey everyone,

Scarlet’s taking over this weeks blog for Whisker  Wednesday to bring you the low down of her adventures at Glasgow Festival of Burlesque…


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Vintage Showgirl Manicure by Scarlet Rose

Whisker Wednesday: Half-Moons for Halfwits* (* title only for alliterative purposes, I think you’re a wholewit really)

There is a high proportion of fabulous nail art within the burlesque world, indeed my own Whisker Sisters are often found sporting some gorgeous and complex nail designs.

However, when you already have a make-up/skincare/beginnings of a haircare product addiction, you really have to draw the line somewhere. And nails scored that line for me.

My favourite nail look that you will often see me wearing is the half-moon manicure and I do get compliments from people that ask about the ones I paint on myself (and thank-you very much!).

So I thought I would write the step by step guide for how I paint this classic pinup/burly manicure, including pictures, so you can all have a go yourselves! Although the technique is relatively simple, the key requirement is ensuring you have enough time for each layer to dry, or they will peel off/smudge. 


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January 2017 FlexiBlue & Burlesque Courses

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes,

Start your brand new year with a big bang with House of Trixie Blue.  Make 2017 your best year yet and start on your unique journey to:

a) achieve the splits (amazing party trick guaranteed to get you a free drink tee hee)
b) unleash your inner goddess with burlesque.

We are booking now for our best year yet and aim to reach the stars… do you want to join us??? then look no further!!!!


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The Importance of a Showgirl Cleanse by Scarlet Rose

Hey everyone,

It is Whisker Wednesday (finally, it took a week to get here – tee hee hee) and we are at the start of a brand new month. As it is a new month, we have a new Whisker to introduce you too. This lovely lady is by no means a stranger in the world of House of Trixie Blue and we are delighted to bring you her first Whisker Wednesday by means of an informative video about the importance of a showgirl cleanse… oh my. 

Introducing our Enchantress and Sapphire Whisker, the sensational Scarlet Rose.


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B for Me – Balancing Act – A Life of Hats part 2 by Ruby Rox

Hey everyone,

Happy Whisker Wednesday everyone. To celebrate the last Whisker Wednesday of October, we are bringing you one final blog from the amazing Ruby Rox. It’s not to be missed…

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B for Me – Balancing Act – A Life of Hats by Ruby Rox

Hey everyone,

It is Whisker Wednesday again and our gorgeous Ruby Rox is taking over the blog. Today Ruby shares her favourite B’s.  Come take a peek…


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Meet Ruby Rox…

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Whisker Wednesday! It is a brand new month, so we are introducing you to another fantastic Sapphire Whisker. Presenting the incredible Ruby Rox…


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Behind the Scenes at The Periwinkle Pussycat By Cherry Pink

Hey everyone,

We all love secrets and rather than keeping them to ourselves, we love to share them with you. OOOOH THE GOSSIP!

Well our Sapphire Whisker, Cherry Pink, is spilling the beans about what happens behind the scenes at a burlesque show…


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