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Mothers Day Special Offer Part TWO

*Gift Vouchers for Mother’s Day – Special Offer*
Mothers Day (1)
We love Mum’s at House of Trixie Blue and we know youlovely lot LOVE to spoil your nearest and dearest.

Purchase one of our personalised House of Trixie Blue gift vouchers and receive an extra £10 on your voucher as a special present from us to your lovely Mummy.

Vouchers can be spent on:
Flex/Burlesque Courses
The Burlesque Fiesta – May 2017 Burlesque Workshop day
The Carnival of Tease – Burlesque Show
True Blue Burlesque Accessories

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Mothers Day Special Offer

*Mother’s Day Special*

Mothers Day.png

We love Mum’s at House of Trixie Blue and we know you lovely lot LOVE to spoil your nearest and dearest.

Spend more time with mum with our little Flex/Burlesque package*.

If you enroll in one of our flex/burlesque courses in 2017, your mum GOES FREE! That’s right, we want to spoil your mum!

Enroll on one of our 2017 courses by 1st April 2017 and we will book your mum on with you for FREE!

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Contact us today and we will help you with your Mothers Day gift xxx

*excluding The Blue Belles Subject to Availablity

What Everybody Ought to Know about…Our Students

Hey everyone,

This Wednesday marks International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange – check out their website here – HOTB have decided to mark this day by celebrating the incredible ladies that make up our flex & burlesque classes.

Every one of our inspirational and creative ladies has their own unique backstories, their own individual struggles and their own beautiful personalities. We adore spending time with them each and every week.

They are all from different backgrounds, attend lessons for different reasons, all uniquely fabulous but they all share one same quality, they are an awesome bunch of ladies.

We want the world to see how amazing they are and how tapping into your creativity through means of flex & burlesque performance really injects fun and happiness into your life.

We are sure they will die of embarrassment because we have included as many pictures we can find of our gorgeous blue crew. 

 Here they are in all their glory….


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Guest Blog: Burlesque: the illusion, the dreams and the fun by Miss Aurelia

Hey everyone, 

One of our amazing students, Miss Aurelia, has beautifully written about her personal relationship with burlesque. 

Burlesque is a powerful art form that can only be described as simply fabulous. 

We would love for you to check out Miss Aurelia s  musings and support our growing industry. Check it out here!!! 

(C) Kerry Brusby Images

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World Book Day – Burlesque Edition (02/03/2017)

Hey everyone,

We hope you are gearing up for an incredible World Book Day.  We adore books at House of Trixie Blue, the knowledge between the pages, the incredible imagery and the smell, oh yes the smell of a brand new or well loved book really makes us jump for joy. 

To celebrate World Book Day 2017, we have popped a list of our FAVOURITE burlesque books.  We hope you enjoy…


World Book Day.png

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The Burlesque Fiesta – May 2017

SATURDAY 27th MAY 2017

Do you love BURLESQUE? 

Want to have fun with burlesque props?

Then The Burlesque Fiesta is for YOU!

After the success of our first ever Burlesque Fiesta back in 2015, we are back in May 2017.

As the beautiful art of burlesque is wonderfully versatile, House of Trixie Blue has created a series of beginner’s/improvers workshops to explore the prop based elements of burlesque.  That’s right folks, get ready to heighten your burlesque experience with the following workshops:


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April 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses BOOKING NOW

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes,

Put the spring in your step and bash away those April showers by becoming the FlexiBlue or Burlesque GODDESS you are.  Our April flex and burlesque courses have been created to make you feel fabulous, learn some new skills and make some sparkly new friends.  Well what are you waiting for??

We are booking now for our April 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses… do you want to join us??? then look no further!!!!

Next Course Start Dates 26th APril 2017.png

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Little Known ways that Burlesque Increases Body Confidence


Hey everyone,

We hope you are absolutely fantastic and having a blast of a February. Today, we are delving back into the taboo subject of body confidence and burlesque. 

Recently, we have received an abundance of messages from incredible ladies wanting to embrace burlesque and take some classes/attend some shows.

Super, right?
More burlesque fun, right?
Nothing bad about this, yeah?

Well actually there was one common theme to these messages

They all exclaimed they are drawn to burlesque, want to learn/watch burlesque but they are scared to because they are ashamed of their own bodies. 😦

Each and every one of these incredible ladies were worried that:
a) they wouldn’t fit in with the ‘ideal burlesque aesthetic’
b) their own barriers to learning/watching burlesque was their own perception of their bodies
c) they just felt uncomfortable being themselves
This made us feel an overwhelming wave of sadness that these amazing ladies could be so down on themselves.  It is super sad that they go through the everyday thinking about themselves in this manner.

We felt privileged to take the time to respond to these amazing ladies, sharing our own tried and tested burlesque & body confidence knowledge and today, we are going to share it with you.


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3 Cheeky Ways to Spice up your Valentines Day (2017)

Hey everyone!

We are still sizzling from our Valentines 2016 blog post that we have decided to share it with you again in all its glory. 

Valentines Day leaves us hot under the collar and these three potions to spice up your Valentines Day might be the perfect present for a loved one or an antidote to Cupids ways.

Commercialisation aside, even if you are not keen on the idea, we know these cheeky suggestions on how to spice up your Valentine’s Day are totally transferable skills…perhaps skip putting these on your CV.

3 Ways to Spice up your Valentine's Day

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #4 – Burlesque Costume Development (Part 1)

Hey everyone,

We hope you are super de dooper fabulous today.  Guess what? it’s that time again, where we delve into the depths of the sparkly world of burlesque to present to you our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque.

That’s right folks, we are bringing you another valuable installment of the guide. This time we are sharing our tried and tested methods of Burlesque Costume Development (part 1). We hope you enjoy…

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