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What Burlesque Means to me – One from the Archives – Updated June 2022

✨What Burlesque Means to me – One from the Archives – Updated June 2022✨

It’s Trixie here. I am taking over the House of Trixie Blue blog to discuss the B word… no not bottoms or boobies (well it does incorporate those things) I am talking about BURLESQUE!

This blog is a purely personal insight into my own thoughts about burlesque and I am excited to share them with you all.

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Happy New Year

In this video we look to see how we met our goals in 2020 (we totally mucked up some) and what is in store for the future in 2021.

Do you have any new year goals?

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What makes Christmas Christmas? by Ruby Rox

What makes Christmas Christmas

For a start there needs to be a mulled wine warming in the kitchen and possibly cider too! Oh and I believe it starts whenever you are ready for it to start. Food and drink make up so much of what Christmas is for me but it wasn’t always that way.

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Online vs Onstage: The Pros and Cons by Scarlet Rose

Well, as we all know, given the state of the outside world, live entertainment including burlesque has been predominately forced online. As much as this absolutely saddens the hearts of performers, I’m not here to dwell on that side of things. That’s for later on tonight with my blanket and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Instead I thought I would compare and contrast the two mediums, as much as we ALL prefer a live stage and audience, there are still some perks to a streamed show (although some elements will never live up to the real thing):

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Top 5 Tips for Performing Burlesque Online by Trixie Blue

I have had the pleasure to perform and produce online shows now since April. It has been a humbling moment in my burlesque career, and it’s been wonderful that the entertainment industry can still work through digital means (very limited means as I am sure we all can’t wait to get back to our stages). I have compiled a list of my top tips about performing online and I am sharing these with you all today.

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Trixie’s Lockdown Showgirl Transformation

The show must go on, even in lockdown. It has been an absolute pleasure to perform and produce online shows and I thought that I would document and update my showgirl transformation, lockdown style  

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My main feeling in lock down… by Ruby Rox

Lock down has made me feel very grateful…

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My Journey to Queendom by Ruby L’amour

Here she is! Sapphire Whisker, The draglesque sensation RUBY L’amour with her revealing vlog about her Journey to Queendom.

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Top 10 Tips I wish I’d known before I started Burlesque by Scarlet Rose

I’ve now been performing burlesque for longer than I was an undergrad (i.e., effing long) and over these 6 and a half years, I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks I couldn’t have known without experiencing them.

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What is normal anyway …? By Cherry Pink

What is normal anyway …?

Cherry Pink Whisker Blog

There’s an advert on TV running at the moment which asks the questions what is normal? It’s a mental health campaign working towards normalising mental health issues and inspiring people to speak out about it.

So it’s inspired me to talk about my normal.

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