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What makes Christmas Christmas? by Ruby Rox

What makes Christmas Christmas

For a start there needs to be a mulled wine warming in the kitchen and possibly cider too! Oh and I believe it starts whenever you are ready for it to start. Food and drink make up so much of what Christmas is for me but it wasn’t always that way.

As a child we never had a roast dinner on Christmas day, partly because it is my birthday so we would always have a buffet birthday tea, but partly so nobody had to spend too much time cooking and more time playing, singing and unwrapping presents. Fast forward to my twenties and I spent most Christmases working in hotel entertainment teams and globe trotting so there were no Christmas dinners but lots of shows, late nights and hangovers!

Once I rooted back in the lovely North-east England I have had Christmas however I want. So it definitely includes mulled wine, Greggs mince pies, Christmas music, candles and cosy Christmas socks. My tree is full of all different types of decorations with very little that matches and multi-coloured lights, no tinsel and a star on top! Other traditions at the Home of Rox include making jam as presents (see last December blog) and always making my own Christmas cake ( please ask if you would like the recipe!)which is so delicious and you get to make a wish!

This year me and my wife will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen and our Christmas dinner will controversially include Yorkshire puddings! Christmas day will include a walk on the beach with Sunny, a big dinner, cake, rum and Prosecco 

for breakfast and who knows what else.

I hope however you make your Christmas special, and wherever you are spending it, it will be a joyful day and that 2021 brings you hope.

Feeling Festive

Ruby Rox


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Love and Shimmies

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