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New Year, New Prospects and New Adventures 2020

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! What a banging start to the roaring 20’s! We hope you celebrated in style and enjoyed every moment of saying goodbye to 2019 and hiya to 2020. 

Setting goals & reflection  is a very important part of the Blue House. We set various goals in 2019 and today is all about reflecting over the past year to see if they have been achieved. 

Boy oh boy did we find out some home truths and FAILS…

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The Origins of the Sex Face By Trixie Blue

Warning, this blog post is not for the faint hearted. It includes…

Do you wish to continue?

Course you do… read on baby…

Trixie Blue Whisker Blog.png

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2020 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Course Waiting List – NOW OPEN

It’s the roaring 2020’s! We are super excited to announce that our first come, first served waiting list for ALL our House of Trixie Blue courses is now OPEN.

So if you fancy learning a new party trick with the splits, unleashing your inner burlesque goddess or polishing your burlesque sparkle then look no further than our:

FlexiBlue Splits Course
Burlesque Techniques
The Blue Belles Burlesque Performance Course

All you have to do is click here to pop yourself on the waiting list.  All spaces are first come, first served and when there is a space available, we will notify you via email (sadly we cannot predict when this might be). Take a peek of what we have in store for 2020..



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Utter Philth – Burlesque Journey FAQ

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No its PHILTHY!!!!!!

Are you ready to get the dirty low down into the origins of Utter Philth?

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An Extraordinary Journey of a Trainee Hen Party Instructor – Part 3 – Teaching the Sassy Sapphire Whiskers

I‘M BAAAAAACCCKKK with the third instalment of my journey through the training process of the House of Trixie Blue’s Hen Party Training Academy.
If you have read either of my previous two blogs (GEEEE Thanks) you will remember I have taken you through my ‘first day at school’ and then there was ‘handing in my homework” which, if you haven’t read any of them you will be thinking WOW they sound dull! however I can assure you they are not.. or at least I hope they aren’t, but it does allow me to share with you all, a little piece of the magic that I am experiencing on this journey.

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FAQ – Monthly Burlesque Shows at Prohibition Cabaret Bar Newcastle

House of Trixie Blue proudly produce the monthly burlesque shows at Prohibition Cabaret Bar in Newcastle upon Tyne (sponsored by the amazing Vivien of Holloway)

To ensure these shows run as accessible, inclusive and fair as possible, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked questions about the monthly shows. 

Take a peek and we shall see you at the show xxx

Please note – If your question is not answered, please contact
FAQ Monthly Burlesque Shows at.png


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An Extraordinary Journey of a Trainee Hen Party Instructor – Part 2 – Handing in my Homework

a Trainee Hen Party Instructor handing in my homework.png

Well Hello There,

My name is Niamh and I am the first trainee who has been inducted into my role as a Hen Party Instructor, within the House Of Trixie Blue. Huuuuzzzaaahhh!!!

I have created a small number of blogs to record my journey throughout this process which acts as nice memory for myself to see how much I have developed throughout this journey but also to provide you lovely lot, with an insiders peek at what really goes down behind the scenes in just one area of the brilliant House of Trixie Blue!!!  Well then, grab something nice to wet your whistle and off we go again in to my weird and wacky wonderland.

If you have read part 1 of my journey at the HoTB academy then cast your minds back to my last blog and my homework was to complete the choreography for Beyonce’s – Single Ladies ready to teach for upcoming hen parties and moving forward.
I mean by now you will have obviously taken a little peak at what we have to offer here at The House of Trixie Blue and if not shame on you!! Tut Tut –  Here it is and take a quick peak and I won’t tell if you don’t!   Ahem, now as I was saying, we offer an extensive range of Hen Parties here at HoTB and many styles you may not even of considered however Beyonce is just one style I am working with to get me warmed up.

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Guest Blog: 3+1 Reasons to add Burlesque Shows to your Budget list By Miss Aurelia

By Miss Aurelia


You might have heard of burlesque before or might never have. You may even know someone who has been to a show or, even more, performed at a show. But you’ve always been a bit “meh” about attending a burlesque live show – neither too keen nor too negative about it. 

This is why you should absolutely add going to a burlesque show to your budget list:

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #7 – Reflection

Hey everyone,

We hope you are having the best day. It’s that time again, the time to unveil our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque.

That’s right folks, we are bringing you another valuable installment of the guide. This time we are sharing our tried and tested methods of performance reflection. We hope you enjoy…

UGTB headin

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Our support for 2019

*Our support for 2019*

We always try our very best to support as many charities and projects as possible throughout the year but we do dedicate the year to one charity or project in particular.

This year, we are supporting the Newcastle branch of The Red Box Project.

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