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Tease – Burlesque & Pin up Photoshoot Day 11/11/2017

House of Trixie Blue & Richard Shepherd Photography Presents…


After the success of House of Trixie Blue & Richard Shepherd Photography collaboration back in 2015/16/17, we are BACK to offer you a photoshoot experience that will make you feel like a SUPERSTAR!

We have designed this day as an affordable way to capture your burlesque act/pin up posing to get the all important images for your keepsake box or even for professional promotional images for your act/modelling portfolio. 

Set in the beautiful 1920s surroundings of the Prohibition Cabaret Bar, you will transform into a burlesque/pin up star, posing and working the camera like a supermodel. 

Don’t worry if your posing skills are limited to ‘selfie’, with our combined photography and modelling experience, we will gently guide you along the way to get the perfect shot. 
Saturday 11th November 2017
10-5pm (Set times to be allocated upon booking, first come, first served)
20mins shoot time 
Be ready with hair and make up before you get to the venue and bring your own outfit 

Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Gateshead

Tease! Photoshoot 11th November

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3 Minutes with Mina Von Vixen

Hey everyone,

Here’s the feature that spills the gossip on all the fabulous stars of the burlesque scene and today is no exception.

Our next interviewee is not only a performer but a producer, model and all round beautiful soul, its the fantastic Mina Von Vixen…


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How to “Burlesque” on a Budget…

Hey everyone,

Hope you are well today and having lots of fun. Are you ready to find out How to “Burlesque” on a Budget? Then here we go…

The sparkly world of burlesque is full of iridescent beauty and decadent costumes, emulating an otherworldly prowess that really captures the magpie within.  We do love a spangly costume but sometimes it can get a tad expensive and we love to make sure we have some pennies left over for some prosecco.

We champion the ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque and believe everyone should have the opportunity of looking a million bucks without the same price tag.

Sure, not every costume has to go down the super sparkly fancy pants route but wouldn’t it be great if every costume had a bit of the WOW factor and uniqueness. But the question is… how do you do burlesque on a budget? Is it possible?

These little tips n tricks are tried and tested methods from the enchantresses at HOTB and we are sharing our secrets with you today… are you ready for all to be, dare we say, revealed?
How to burlesque on a budget.png

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*Hen Party Instructors Required -Experienced*

*Hen Party Instructors Required – Experienced*
(North East England Based)

Are you a dance teacher who wants to put the sparkle into someone’s day? Would you like to be part of an expanding business? then House of Trixie Blue would love to hear from YOU! 

-Hen Party Instructors Required-.png

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A Week in the Life of a Burlesque Enchantress Scarlet Rose

A Wonderful Week of Burlesque By Scarlet Rose

Last week, I spent Saturday-Saturday participating in almost exclusively burlesque related activities and I thought I’d take you along to for the ride! How many coffees? (Lots). How many hours slept? (Not many). Is this the longest post I’ve ever written? Read on to find out.

Enchantress Blog SR

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The Carnival of Tease…Meet The Performers

House of Trixie Blue invites you to their end of term show…

The Carnival of Tease.

For one night only, we are celebrating the achievements of our performance course students, The Blue Belles, plus for your extra entertainment, burlesque performances from UK & International Performers.


22nd July The Carnival of Tease.png

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Satan is Coming…

Hey Everyone,

It’s Trixie here, taking over the blog for this beautiful day.  I am here to share exciting news.

News I want to shout from the rooftops, news I am so excited about I could burst. News that constitute a plethora of celebratory drinks.  

Ready for it?

House of Trixie Blue are the main sponsors of A WEEKEND WITH SATANS ANGEL! Read all about it here…

Image may contain: 1 person, text

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August 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses BOOKING NOW

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes,

Summer is underway, beautiful blue skies and hopefully lots of BBQ’s.  We know just the perfect way to celebrate warmer weather and that’s by unleashing your inner burlesque starlet with our Burlesque Choreography course or get sexy and flexi with our FlexiBlue course. 

We are booking now for our August 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses… why don’t you come and join us??? Go on, spice up your summer with House of Trixie Blue…

Next Course Start Dates 30th August 2017.png

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #5 – Showgirl Make Up

Hey everyone,

Oh happy day! It’s that time again, where we delve into the depths of the sparkly world of burlesque to present to you our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque.

Our next valuable installment of this guide fulls under the guise of Showgirl Make Up. We hope you enjoy…

UGTB headin

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June 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses BOOKING NOW

Our June 2017 Courses are nearly full – would you like a space? Email to BOOK today!!!!

House of Trixie Blue

Hey Flexi & Burlesque Babes,

It is certainly hotting up here and we don’t just mean the weather! Put the sizzle in your summer by learning a brand new party trick with the splits or shimmy and shake your way through the warmer months by unleashing your inner burlesque starlet.  What are you waiting for?

We are booking now for our June 2017 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses… do you want to join us??? then look no further!!!!

Next Course Start Dates 14th June 2017.png

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