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Guest Blog: My Journey to the splits – coping with setbacks by Vicky

By Vicky

Journey to the splits by Vicky

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January 2019 Burlesque Techniques & FlexiBlue Courses

It is that magical time of the year where we are preparing for the wonderment of Christmas and the amazing prospects of the New Year (2019, can you believe it? remember when we all used to watch videos?), House of Trixie Blue are here to help you.

Ya know what really makes our sparkly blue hearts sing, that is enabling wonderful women, like yourself to UNLEASH THEIR INNER GODDESS! 

So treat a friend, a mother, a lover or even yourself this festive season and sign up to our BURLESQUE TECHNIQUES COURSE (suitable for beginners and improvers) and sparkle into 2019.

Next Course Dates 9th january 2019 (1).png

*FlexiBlue & The Blue Belles course operate a first come, first served waiting list. Contact us to be popped on the all important list. 

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All about Ruby Rox…Getting creative! – Halloween Special

All about Ruby Rox…Getting creative! –

Halloween Special

All about Ruby Rox…Getting creative! - Halloween SpecialAdd a little bit of body text.png

I only love Halloween if I have things to get involved in so I was over the moon to get an invitation to party and a chance to perform too!

A fancy dress competition you say? Well I am in it to win it!

After some serious Pinterest action I decided to go as Tim Burton’s Corpses Bride. If you fancy some inspiration and ideas here are a few tricks and tips to help you make the perfect costume, or at least my version of it!

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Guest Blog: Audience Etiquette – A Guide for your First Time at a Burlesque Show

Guest Blog By Lola Noir

Audience Etiquette
A Guide for your First Time at a Burlesque Show

Audience Etiquette Lola Noir.png


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October 2018 Burlesque Techniques Courses Booking Now

Our final course of 2018 is here!!! We love to start the year with a bang so why not go out with one?  So if you fancy unleashing your inner goddess in time for Halloween and Christmas (yep, we said Christmas), our Burlesque Techniques course is available to book NOW. 


We are running our FlexiBlue & The Blue Belles courses but we are operating a waiting list at this time.  Please see below more information.  Now to get our shimmy on, are you ready?

Next Course Dates 17th October 2018.png

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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #6 – Burlesque Costume Development (Part 2)

Hey everyone,

We hope you are having the best day. It’s that time again, the time to unveil our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque.

That’s right folks, we are bringing you another valuable installment of the guide. This time we are sharing our tried and tested methods of Burlesque Costume Development (part 2). We hope you enjoy…

UGTB headin

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September 2018 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses Booking Now

The new academic year is on the horizon. We are already looking to the future and let us tell you, the future is SEXY! 

Learn something new or continue your training with us this September with our FlexiBlue & Burlesque courses.  Take a peek and let’s get this show on the ROAD!

Next Course Dates 5th September 2018 (1).png

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Guest Blog: New Routine: Enjoy the ride, Don’t Stress about it by Miss Aurelia

By Miss Aurelia

I love burlesque and I love performing! Creating a new routine is my favourite part of burlesque, as it allows me to be as creative as I need and/or want to be with both dancing and costume-making! However, as a non-professional performer, it is also the hardest and most time-consuming part of it! This is why I try to allow myself enough time to prepare for a new performance, so I can enjoy the process and not stress about it!

I really want to highlight here that this is by no means a perfect or the most efficient way to create a new routine. Each person works differently and this process is unique for each one of us!

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Guest Blog: How To Love Ya Selfie with Laura Pearman

By Laura Pearman

On this blog Laura Pearman Photography joins us to talk about confidence and self-love through the power of selfies.

How to love ya Selfie.png



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June 2018 Burlesque & FlexiBlue Courses Booking Now

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

You will be with our SUMMER flex and burlesque courses. The  summer of ’69 was an incredible time so why not make the summer of 2018?  Learn new tricks, like the splits with our FlexiBlue splits & flexibility course or unleash your summer goddess with burlesque. Find out how today…

Next Course Dates 13th June 2018.png
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