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My main feeling in lock down… by Ruby Rox

Lock down has made me feel very grateful…

I am grateful that I have Sunny(my dog).

Some of you now may think just a dog but now more than ever for most of my week she is my only physical contact, my source of cuddles, kisses and conversation(all be it a little one sided). She is also an absolute rock in making me go out and get fresh air. Grateful again because I live by the beach and a lovely local park where flowers have been planted, there is a bird watching area and nature is out in full force.

I am grateful that some amazing children and supportive parents have come to me every weekend to be taught how to dance, to laugh at how silly I am, to tell me about their lives and to give me a reason to keep dancing on no matter how challenging the time. And it continues at this time because I have listened and watched the amazing people around me and how they grow their businesses on a daily basis. So instead of freezing and not knowing what to do I have followed in their footsteps, learned new technology, risked it all not working, thought outside the box, embraced the change and hopefully I still have a job that I love that is going a small way to pay my bills.

I am grateful I chose 6 months ago to go self employed. This means I was already saving every penny I could, staying in and not going out, telling my friends “please don’t think I am rude but I can’t afford …….at this time”. This also means working from home although challenging is something I have been adapting to anyway so lock down is forcing me to set schedules, create templates and discipline in ways I have been trying to do for months.

I am grateful I can cook, that I love experimenting and that I will eat pretty much anything but it is good to be able to make tasty things when normal ingredients or normal finances won’t allow.

I am overwhelmed by love from all my family and my friends. I am unbelievably grateful for the power of the internet and the ability to stay connected.

I am grateful for my burlesque family, at the core are the Whiskers but this definitely extends to many Blue Belles, regular audience members and Whisker followers who have checked in, supported my business and performed alongside me at The Perriwinkle Pussycat.

I am “living in the moment” and adapting to each day’s normality. I don’t want us to all go back to how it was before, I want us to change, to move forward, to care. I have hope that many might but I have faith that for me some things will change forever and I will continue to feel grateful every day.

Thank you for sharing this with us Ruby. We hope you are all safe and well. Head on over to House of Trixie Blue on Facebook to join in the conversation.

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue


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