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Top 10 Tips I wish I’d known before I started Burlesque by Scarlet Rose

I’ve now been performing burlesque for longer than I was an undergrad (i.e., effing long) and over these 6 and a half years, I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks I couldn’t have known without experiencing them.

Even if someone had told me, until I’d lived it I wouldn’t know what they meant (oh, nice analogy for interviews Vs ethnography there. Yeah, I’m back at university. #theoryhuntersforever).

So please, take heed from my career thus far and be encouraged, excited and in some cases, considered in your awesome plans.

This blog also functions as a reminder for me, as I inevitably ignore my own advice like an absolute fool.

– Put. The. Props. Down. As a new burlesquer, I loved the idea of putting on opulent displays á la Dita and Immodesty. And beautiful as their shows are, they are rarely plausible for the jobbing performer. Trust me, as you peg it from Fringe venue to tiny Fringe venue you will THANK ME.

– Your make-up can be bigger, bigger, MORE! Go back over that liner, add another layer to that cut crease and darken those brows. They need to see you from the back row darling!

– Small audiences are sometimes the best (another Fringe lesson). 


– Burlesque friends have no boundaries. You’ll see each other backstage, trying to change in sometimes unfeasibly short amounts of time. You will share g-strings in an emergency and check thoroughly for tampon strings. Basically, no string is safe and the freedom that comes with it is glorious. 

– A quiet audience doesn’t necessarily mean not enjoying it. 

– Hair pulled entirely off your face, into a high doughnut and surrounded by extravagant hairbands/jewellery can look AS effective as big, sumptuous vintage hair and takes literally 5 minutes. 

– If someone offers to carry your luggage, say yes. Gratefully. 

– If you think you look ridiculous in live shots, it probably means you were putting all your energy into the live performance. (To be fair, Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue hooked me up to that one pretty quickly). 

– The definition of vocation has no relevance to the societal value of your job and don’t you ever let a drunk fool tell you otherwise. 

What would you add to this list? Can’t wait to hear your input!

Love & Tassels,

Scarlet Rose


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