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New Year, New Prospects and New Adventures 2020

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! What a banging start to the roaring 20’s! We hope you celebrated in style and enjoyed every moment of saying goodbye to 2019 and hiya to 2020. 

Setting goals & reflection  is a very important part of the Blue House. We set various goals in 2019 and today is all about reflecting over the past year to see if they have been achieved. 

Boy oh boy did we find out some home truths and FAILS…

Goals for 2019.png

What a year! so many adventures all over this crazy world and so many adventures in our North East England home!!! 

This year, we thought we would analyse how we have met our goals rather than a quick fire tick box exercise. Get the kettle on, the gin glasses out and the chocolate ready… here we go…

Spotlight on 2019

Every year our first goal stays the same. Giving a safe space for performers to develop their skills on stage in front of a live audience is something we cherish. In 2019 we offered platform slots in various burlesque shows and took over Dr Sketchy’s Newcastle upon Tyne, so performers could have another performance outlet that is full of awesome. We are never ever changing this goal and it will remain firmly on our yearly list of goals in prime position. 

We are so lucky to have such amazing students at House of Trixie Blue. We have provided our regular weekly classes in 2019, plus, we even had the opportunity to teach a weekly class at another dance school in the region. Not only this, we have extended our teaching back to the internet and have students all over the world, taught by the means of skype – such fun!  We are simply proud of our students achievements and our door is always open to them if ever they need a welcoming home.  Do check out our burlesque students/alumni Hall of Fame before you go, a celebration of our amazing students in a sparkly part of the internet. 

Party time is the name of the game at House of Trixie Blue, so much so we recruited three wonderful Blinks Social Butterflies (What is Blinks?) all in the name of fun. We started Blinks with the vision of getting the whole of the North East burlesque community involved and further encourage autonomy within the group culture – we hope this continues into 2020.

Charity is always begins at home and in our House we supported several incredible charities this year. Our nominated charity was the Red Box Project (who are The Red Box Project?) and at the end of every term, students of HOTB brought in sanitary products for the project. We had donations in abundance… see, take a peek…

red box.jpgA huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the project. 

Our free resources is something we are fiercely passionate about. We want everyone to have access to burlesque, to enjoy burlesque and through free resources we can offer this to the wider community. Here are a few of the FREE resources we have on offer:

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque – Reflection


AAAAAHHH WORKSHOPS BABY!!! We love a good workshop. From in house to guest instructors, we really went for it in 2019.  Guess what, we are going for it again in 2020. Stay tuned folks.

We have been running a loyalty scheme for our students for many years. This year, we tried to get one up and running for our audiences… we failed!!! SO SORRY!!!! WE FAILED MISERABLY Bummer! We have put this goal back into the thinking pot to reconsider for future years.

True Blue has taken over the living room at House of Trixie Blue HQ. Ruby L’amour and Trixie Blue have created so many designs, sponsored many events with their creations and sparkled like they have never sparkled before. Thank you to all who has purchased some handmade accessories from us.

And finally…

the most important goal…


And might we say, we have achieved this in abundance hahaha. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our adventurous 2019.   

We would LOVE to hear all about your goals and adventures for 2020. Head on over to our official Facebook page to join in the conversation.

The biggest and most sparkliest thank you to everyone who has made 2019 fantastic:

Our fantastic FlexiBlue students
Our beautiful Burlesque Techniques students
Our dedicated Blue Belles students
All our smashing workshop attendees
All the wicked awesome one to one students
All our super lovely Blue Sky Students

Our guest performers from all over the world
Our electrifying Show hosts
Our amazing audiences
Our superstar DJ’s
All our lovely clients
The enlightening guest bloggers
The creative graphic designers
The wonderful venues
The incredible photographers
The party-tastic Hen’s
Our dedicated hen party instructors/academy instructors
Our hardworking ambassadors
Our outstanding stage management team
The sensational Mitch Mitchell 

The SW Including:
The sublime Cherry Pink
Our effervescent enchantress Scarlet Rose
Our inspiring senior hen party co coordinator Ruby Rox
Our creative beast for True Blue/Eclat Ruby L’amour
Our Professional Romancer extraordinaire Utter Philth
And House of Trixie Blue’s main supporters Pamella De Ville & Philly Von Wink

We welcome the roaring 2020’s with a big blue shimmy. Here are our 2020 Goals! We look forward to going for it with you all. 

Goals for 2020.png

Love & Shimmies,

House of Trixie Blue


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