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The Origins of the Sex Face By Trixie Blue

Warning, this blog post is not for the faint hearted. It includes…

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The Origins of The Sex Face by Trixie Blue

A long time ago, in a beautiful land called  daaaannnn saaaaaaaaaffff, in an illustrious city called LANDAAAAAAN TAAAANNNN I was christened ‘The Sex Face’ of burlesque.

The delectable host of London Burlesque Festival, Miss Cherry Bomb, gleefully pointed out to a sold-out audience, to look intensely at my face (poor them). Chezza had worked with me before and knew that I pulled some questionable faces on stage.

With Chezzas guidance, she sparked the audience in pulling their best sex faces and all the sexy noises they could muster – I bloody loved it I tell ya hahahah! What a great entrance on stage that night and guess what? It stuck didn’t it.  Now I am fully fledged, humbled to boot and excited to exclaim that one of my tag lines is ‘The Sex Face’ of burlesque hahaha – what a laugh.

So folks, that is the humble origins of ‘The Sex Face’ of burlesque and it is now a ‘weekend movement’. Every single Saturday is now #SEXFACESATURDAY over on Instagram. I post a picture of my sex ridiculous faces but mostly, encourage YOU to do the very same.

Here is an example:


Sex face saturday.png

I welcome you to join me in celebrating your own sex face every Saturday. Embrace your sexuality and have a blooming good giggle. I love reposting them too, so if I have permission to do so, I wanna do just that! My stories are going to be FULL of your sex face.


face Saturday everyday!!!


Seductively yours,

Trixie Blue



Instagram – @trixieblueburlesque 

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