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Guest Blog: 3+1 Reasons to add Burlesque Shows to your Budget list By Miss Aurelia

By Miss Aurelia


You might have heard of burlesque before or might never have. You may even know someone who has been to a show or, even more, performed at a show. But you’ve always been a bit “meh” about attending a burlesque live show – neither too keen nor too negative about it. 

This is why you should absolutely add going to a burlesque show to your budget list:

1) FUN

This is the undeniable fact of a burlesque show: you are going to have tons of fun. The acts will make you giggle, laugh and maybe a bit uncomfortably excited (😉) to have one of the best nights ever! You just go, relax, let yourself go and enjoy the show.


It’s true! By attending a live burlesque show, you won’t be able to think about anything else but the show! If you are stressed about work, things are not going great in your personal life, or just fancy a bit of a break from life, this is the best place to be! For a few hours, you will immerse yourself in another world, forget about your troubles and get happy!


Yes, you heard right! By attending a live burlesque show, you support your local performers, who work very hard (and often not get enough credit for it) to provide you with the best quality shows! In Newcastle, House of Trixie Blue works day and night to produce high quality burlesque shows in town, and, if you are lucky, you’ll also watch the Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue perform herself! Find out more about the House of Trixie Blue Productions here. Not only that, but you also support local bars and venues! The wonderful Prohibition Cabaret Bar houses some of the productions by the House of Trixie Blue every month! Check them out here. Why not give a bit of love to your own town?! 😀 (HOTB – awww thank you Miss Aurelia. Ooh and also check out the North East Burlesque Appreciation on Facebook for shows from producers all over the region. go on, we dare you!) 


We only live once (YOLO ey?), so why not give a go at something a bit different? Reshape your night out with this amazing opportunity to do something you don’t usually do, either if it’s for a special occasion (best valentine’s day gift 😉) or just a casual evening! Plus, a burlesque show can be the perfect way to start your night out, get yourself in the best dancing mood and then go out and dance your shoes off! 😊

So why not give it a go? Guaranteed banter, an unusual night out and the most talented people in the scene to keep you company for a few hours!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes! 😀

Miss Aurelia

Instagram: @aurelia_burly



A huge thank you to Miss Aurelia for her wonderful insight into burlesque shows. We totally agree with number 4 YOLO! Which of these resonate with you? Pop on over to our Facebook page to continue the conversation.

Love and Shimmies,

House of Trixie Blue


Check out our Guest Blog: Audience Etiquette – A Guide for your First Time at a Burlesque Show and our Burlesque Show 101: What to Expect at a show?  For more information x x x

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