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New Year & New Adventures for 2019

Hey everyone,

A huge Happy New Year to you all, we hope you celebrated in style and enjoyed every moment of welcoming 2019.  Setting goals & reflection  is a very important part of the Blue House. We set various goals in 2018 and today is all about reflecting over the past year to see if they have been achieved. 

We made some vital discoveries, we can tell you *PHEW*…

Our Goals for 2018 It has been a pleasure to be a part of your lives in 2017 and we hope you will continue to knock at our door in 2018. We have the following plans for 2018, come get involved_ Continue to create opp.png

2018, what a year!

It has been full of the roller-coaster ride that is showbusiness. 

We have applied tonnes of make up, countless costume pieces, driven 1000’s of miles (we’re sure Trixie Blue will say millions of miles though) and visited many different cities & countries.

We have taught many amazing people and experienced spectacular shows with our wonderful audiences. We have lived and breathed our ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque in 2018 and will continue to drive this forward into 2019.

Our hen party branch developed and we provided an abundance of parties for beautiful hens, which in turn generated additional work for our dedicated instructors WINNING!

Platforming newer performers is not only a duty of House of Trixie Blue, it is a PASSION. We have worked hard to provide a plethora of shows in 2018 that championed just that – we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken part. 

Our Ultimate Guide to Burlesque is still ongoing. We did provide new editions of our Ultimate guide but we believe we could have gone a little further with this. We promise to continue to provide free resources in 2019.

There you have it! All in all a busy and exciting year!

We are now into the brand new year of 2019 – crikey, 2019!!! How utterly wonderful.  This year, we are championing the following goals:

Goals for 2019.png


We would LOVE to hear all about your goals and adventures for 2019. Head on over to our official Facebook page to join in the conversation.

A huge heartfelt and enthusiastic thank you to everyone who has made 2018 amazing:

Our fantastic FlexiBlue students
Our beautiful Burlesque Techniques students
Our dedicated Blue Belles students
All our smashing workshop attendees
All the super one to one students
Our guest performers from all over the world
Our electrifying Show hosts
Our amazing audiences
Our superstar DJ’s
All our lovely clients
The enlightening guest bloggers
The creative graphic designers
The wonderful venues
The incredible photographers
The party-tastic Hen’s
Our dedicated hen party instructors/academy instructors
Our hardworking ambassadors
Our outstanding stage management team
The SW Including:
The sublime Cherry Pink
Our effervescent enchantress Scarlet Rose
Our inspiring senior hen party co coordinator Ruby Rox
Our creative beast for TB/Eclat Ruby L’amour
Our Professional Romancer extraordinaire Utter Philth
And House of Trixie Blue’s main supporters Pamella De Ville & Philly Von Wink

Here’s to a blue 2019!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Shimmies,

House of Trixie Blue


New Year 2019


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