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FREEBIE -The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #6 – Burlesque Costume Development (Part 2)

Hey everyone,

We hope you are having the best day. It’s that time again, the time to unveil our next installment of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque.

That’s right folks, we are bringing you another valuable installment of the guide. This time we are sharing our tried and tested methods of Burlesque Costume Development (part 2). We hope you enjoy…

UGTB headin

Just to remind you all what The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque is, it is interactive, informative and most of all FREE! (we do love a freebie).

This installment looks at Burlesque Costume Development to assist you in creating the costume you have dreamed about. 

Grab part 2 today of The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque -Burlesque Costume Development (Part 2) FREE today

oie_transparent (1)

Request your FREE Ultimate Guide to Burlesque – Burlesque Costume Development Part 2


We hope the guide is useful and that you have enjoyed creating your own burlesque costume. We would love to see some pictures of your costume designs, please pop on over to our Facebook to let us know how you are getting on.

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