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How to Use Instagram to Grow your Burlesque Brand  

By Scarlet Rose

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    As I said to Granny Rose last week, she’s not alone in her (somewhat obsessive) love of photographs. Clearly we all like a good photo neb, as Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in use! Pictures are probably the best way to nosy into the lives of others, but they can also be a super efficient way to convey your brand message, update your followers or provide offers.

When consulting with other burly artists, I’ve also found it’s often a favourite method of promotion. So as ever, in the spirit of love and spreading the knowledge, read on for some of my favourite tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years to help you promote your fabulous selves. (And this advice is focused on, but certainly not limited to burlesque. If your a small/independent business person, feel free to give them a read and adopt/adapt any you want to!)

1) Keep it short and sweet

A picture speaks 1000 words- so let it do the talking. Anyone else ever double tapped a gorgeous picture then realised there’s a hefty description underneath that you hadn’t appreciated? Instagram does not format their text boxes for easy reading, so it can be hard to engage and retain from long descriptions. It also provides a more instantaneous reaction for users, making it harder for you to know what they are responding to: your picture or your text! If you want to make sure they’re getting the important info you need them to know, try keeping it short so it’ll be easily seen as they scroll down their feed. I mean you could put text on the picture too, but that would only obscure your gorgeous selfie ;).


2) Embrace the humble hashtag

Sometimes, I feel sorry for that little hashtag. Yes, we’re using it to gain likes and follows- but that’s our marketing! They are a great way to increase your audience reach from outside of your immediate circle, especially since the timeline became non-chronological. Generally speaking, more hashtags= more potential users seeing your post= a wider and richer audience. So use them with abandon, watch for popular ones that crop up again and again within your field (#humpday anyone?) and when you’re typing them out, see which other ones are popular and add to your list! You may just find a new, very happy follower.


3) Spread the love to your other social media

If you go to the settings and scroll down to about halfway, you should see a section called, “Linked Accounts”. Through this you’ll be able to connect your professional Facebook like or add pages (you can read up on how to maximise them to your promotional advantage here), Twitter and even Tumblr accounts! Doing this will mean you can make sure if your followers use different methods, none of them need miss out on your updates whilst still ensuring you can use your time efficiently!


4) Tell a story, even if it’s only once in a while

Instagram definitely stole Snapchat’s thunder when they introduced their story option- it’s streamlined social media use and offers a lot more useful insights! This can offer the opportunity to update and engage with your followers in real time, conduct some mild market research when using their polls voting or procrastinate under the guise of marketing (*cough*). Experiment with the different options, what works for you and then before it gets deleted- their life span is 24 hours unless you add them to your highlights- make sure to go back on, click on who saw it and then tap the insights button. This will let you see how many viewers watched, clicked through to links or hashtags; information that can be very handy to you!


5) Get some Insight!

Back in the settings, you have the option to switch to a business account. If you do this, you’ll get a 3 lined icon at the top right hand corner of your profile. This gives a plethora of insights on your posts, demographics, reach and so much more. It will tell you the average age and location of your followers, helping you to tailor your content. It tells you if you’ve increased or decreased in reach over the last 7 days, which have your posts have been the most successful and even which have generated click throughs on to your website, profile and how your followers found you! This is provided free of charge, so spend some time getting to grips with it and then use it to maximise your marketing potential. (And not just because I need more to neb at ;)).


Well, I hope this post has been useful to you. As ever, I’m a big old marketing nerd and if you’ve got any of your own useful uses, do feel free to share them. Knowledge is power, as they say.

Love & Tassels,

Scarlet Rose


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