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How to “Burlesque” on a Budget…

Hey everyone,

Hope you are well today and having lots of fun. Are you ready to find out How to “Burlesque” on a Budget? Then here we go…

The sparkly world of burlesque is full of iridescent beauty and decadent costumes, emulating an otherworldly prowess that really captures the magpie within.  We do love a spangly costume but sometimes it can get a tad expensive and we love to make sure we have some pennies left over for some prosecco.

We champion the ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque and believe everyone should have the opportunity of looking a million bucks without the same price tag.

Sure, not every costume has to go down the super sparkly fancy pants route but wouldn’t it be great if every costume had a bit of the WOW factor and uniqueness. But the question is… how do you do burlesque on a budget? Is it possible?

These little tips n tricks are tried and tested methods from the enchantresses at HOTB and we are sharing our secrets with you today… are you ready for all to be, dare we say, revealed?
How to burlesque on a budget.png

Cheeky Lingerie
Every costume has to have a base and we love ours to be lingerie.  Sometimes this can just be the main part of our costume, so, like Goldilocks, we have got to get it just right.  

Now, this might shock you but we believe the holy grail is ASDA!!!! thats right, Asda! We cannot recommend Asda enough. Reasonable sets for under £15 (less in some designs, yeah, we know that’s mint) that can be embellished to your hearts content. What more can you ask for?  



Poundland Treasure Trove
Now this cove of wonderment stocks items that are regular favourites and one off spectaculars. You can always find something there that will make your costume go POW! 


Firstly, check out the craft section. Here you will find acrylic rhinestones that give a little sparkle under stage lights. There are cute little feathers to give texture and femininity to your costume and of course, that trusty needle and thread to assist with the customization.

Not only this, the good ol’ Poundland sells hair accessories and now even make up to really finish your burlesque look.  We love their deep bronzer, great to extenuate your features on stage and we even show you how to use this in our Ultimate Guide to Burlesque – Showgirl Make up. Do check it out today. 

At Christmas, ho ho HOOOO the world is your oyster at Poundland. Our tip is to grab some decorative Xmas beads as they are perfect to make shimmy belts.

christmas beads


Curtain Accessories
Now there is nothing worse than looking like you are wearing a pair of curtains but sometimes the fabric is amazing, lined and depending the store, cheaper than some cut to measure fabric.


Whilst wearing a curtain isn’t actually our tip, it is a pretty sure fire method to grab some interesting prints.  As this is based on our experience, curtain accessories are the way forward.  Tassels that line a curtain, beaded tie backs and tasseled tie backs are a cheap and easy way to exaggerate and embellish your costumes to the hilt.  

Next time you see us at a show, you know we will be covered in curtain paraphernalia tee hee hee!


So there you have it. Our top tips to create a masterpiece costume on a budget.  If you wish to develop your costuming skills a little further, we have created these FREE guides to get your creative juices flowing.

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #5 – Showgirl Make Up

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #4 – Burlesque Costume Development Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #3 – Burlesque Persona Development Part 2

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #2 – Burlesque Persona Development Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to Burlesque #1 – Burlesque Choreography Creation


We would absolutely love to see what you have come up with in terms of your own costumes. Head on over to our Facebook page to share some pictures and join in the conversation.

Love & Shimmies,

House of Trixie Blue



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