House of Trixie Blue

Enterprise of Burlesque Entertainment

*Hen Party Instructors Required -Experienced*

*Hen Party Instructors Required – Experienced*
(North East England Based)

Are you a dance teacher who wants to put the sparkle into someone’s day? Would you like to be part of an expanding business? then House of Trixie Blue would love to hear from YOU! 

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We are looking for outgoing individuals to come on board our team of sparkly hen party instructors, who are professional, confident, reliable, organised and proactive candidates that are motivated by putting the sparkle into a group of fabulous hen’s day.
You will have the opportunity to teach an array of different hen party styles, such as burlesque, cheerleading, themed dances (Grease, Dirty Dancing, Girl Band etc), vintage dance (Charleston) etc (check out  for more info) all in the name of fun.
We offer competitive rates of pay, flexible working (mostly weekend work) and full training (if applicable).



Work is mainly in the Newcastle upon Tyne area but sometimes we like to have an adventure and teach in other places, such as Darlington – Always the exotic places for us, so the willingness to travel is a bonus but not essential.



If you are an experienced teacher, that is super de dooper, we would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

If this sounds like you and you fancy getting involved in the fun, please email for an application form –


If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue Hen Party Team:
Kristi – Principal
Jo – Senior Hen Party Co-ordinator


About House of Trixie Blue
Established 2006 as a music tuition company, House of Trixie Blue is an enterprise of entertainment, specialising in the art of burlesque. As we love burlesque so very much, we have opened our doors to everyone aged 18+ to get involved with burlesque however they see fit. Whether is it to attend our studio or online burlesque classes, book UK national performers for your show or perhaps attend one of our shows (always book as soon as possible, as we sell out!), there is always something for everyone under our roof.

We are connoisseurs in the hen party industry, with 6 years of hen party teaching under our sparkly belts. In 2014, we took our hen party branch to a new level, to offer an amazing array of dance classes to make your day one to remember.

Our approachable and enthusiastic nature creates the foundation of our business, in which we strive to maintain an ethos as an accessible and inclusive entertainment company. Blue is not just a colour; it is a lifestyle.


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