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A Week in the Life of a Burlesque Enchantress Scarlet Rose

A Wonderful Week of Burlesque By Scarlet Rose

Last week, I spent Saturday-Saturday participating in almost exclusively burlesque related activities and I thought I’d take you along to for the ride! How many coffees? (Lots). How many hours slept? (Not many). Is this the longest post I’ve ever written? Read on to find out.

Enchantress Blog SR

***Saturday 15th July***

 What burlesque?
The Kittens Collective: A Night to Remember

 Cocktail catch-ups
There isn’t much that can get me out of the house when I’m experiencing such exhaustion from the night before’s dancing antics (read: totally self-inflicted hangover), but a night watching fabulous burlesque with my Whisker Sisters was just the tonic!


Catching a quick bus nap en route!

The Kittens Collective put on such an entertaining night, with burlesque and drag for the excellent cause of the Calvert Trust Kielder that made me forget all my (self-inflicted) troubles. There were snacks, a raffle filled with amazing prizes and some table based entertainment devices that us 4 out of 5 Whiskers made full use of!


It was decided that we liked the black beard best,  and so for the days when Ruby Rox unfortunately couldn’t be with us, we would take thing along in her spirit. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


Coffee counter

One, that I could barely manage. Never drinking again, obviously.


***Monday 17th July***

What burlesque?

Not so much burlesque per se, but the same band of Whiskers had the pleasure of attending Amanda Rose’s wedding to the lovely Johnnie Walker photography. It was a simply gorgeous day, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the tears were shed, the food was delicious and the drinks drunk (mainly by us. Forget what I said on Saturday). Thank-you for the invite to your special day and many congratulations to Mr & Mrs Walker!



***Wednesday 19th July***

What burlesque?

After spending the morning pestering Cherry Pink Styling, I got sexy and flexi at Trixie Blue’s Flexiblue class followed up with burlesque choreography graduation! Trixie’s classes never fail to make me feel good and I believe there are a sliver of places left for the next courses so if you’re interested, I’d sign up sooner rather than later! I’m already impressed at the moves I’ve been able to incorporate into my routines and at how much this exercise-aphobe was made to sweat! Here’s the picture proof, don’t you just love nature’s sexy glow? 😉

12     11

        Stylised “sexy” sweaty selfie.                                       So not stylised shock shot.


Cocktail catch-ups

Got to see those Whisker Sisters, the babes in both classes and even Granny Rose! Can’t complain about that right?


***Thursday 20th July***

What burlesque?

The Spare Rib! 4 out of 5 Whiskers (who were all suffering from Ruby Rox withdrawal by this point, thank goodness for our beard!) donned the rollers and road tripped to Liverpool! There was much ridiculousness, including an en masse sprint to Wetherby’s Ladies’ (anyone got the CCTV for that per chance?), public requests and honking for nudes and a late night road chase- all within legal speed limits- for a wave from ALAN!!!


Don’t know how well you can see, but someone wrote “Honk for Nudes” on the back of this van. We obliged.


            But all silliness aside, the show was an absolute pleasure. Producers Minxie Coquette and Tilly Mint always know how to make performers feel welcome and the audience couldn’t have been more glorious to perform for. We were performing as individuals but also as troupe for the first time outside of the north east! Thank-you so much for having us Liverpool, we were so giddy that we even got a video of our Bang routine, link below for your viewing pleasure:




I don’t think Chezza P was very impressed with my showboating ;).     Selfie on Selfie
Cocktail Catch-ups

Obviously it was lovely to see our aforementioned producers Minxie and Tilly again, plus the lush Scarlett Adelaide who once acted as a corpse for myself (yes really) and was now heating up the stage much like her name! We also shared matching necklaces. Too cute.


 Coffee counter

3, though we were all a bit concerned about what the third ones might have been laced with. You wouldn’t think yelling “Alaaaaaan!!!” at long haul lorries for an hour and a half in the middle of the night would be so entertaining… But there you go.


***Friday 21st July***

What burlesque?

Burlesque Revue with Ebony Silk! Prohibition Cabaret’s bi-monthly showcase with a feature performer and if you want some classic showgirl glamour, then Ebony is your lady. Those lines! Those legs! Absolutely loved watching her perform as per, along with participating in a House of Trixie Blue mannequin challenge and getting to watch the audience participate in a little completion! (No spoilers for anyone that is yet to attend… Though if not, WHY?!)


Cocktail catch-ups

Not only did we get to see Ebony again, pay due respects to Mr Bossman Mitch Mitchell (proprietor of our beloved Prohibition) BUT we also had a guess who’s back moment when Ruby Rox appeared! We had missed her dearly over the week and it was a joy to be reunited with her.


Whiskers Reunited

Coffee counter

NONE! I had none!! Amazed I made it home in one piece to be honest.


***Saturday 22nd July***

What burlesque?

The Carnival of Tease! House of Trixie Blue’s student showcase and burlesque extravaganza. I couldn’t wait to finish off this fantastic week back in the old stomping ground of World Headquarters and see what The Blue Belles had come up with after their 12 week course! I also had the pleasure of performing as part of the Whiskers and as a soloist, with only a couple of acts between! Have you ever tried getting into that much fringing at speed? I’m telling you, I’ve got a new skill for my CV. Winner!
The Blue Belles were amazing as ever; in their group act and as individuals. Trixie Blue always gets the absolute best out of her students and it makes the night so enjoyable to watch. Rusty von Chrome and Cherie Bebe also took to the stage and wowed the audiences with their own unique and most entertaining acts. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday night or indeed a whole week!


Being sewn into my g-string by my ever helpful Chezza P. She only accidentally stabbed me once!

Now, as much as I want to remain in the glittering burlesque world, there is a big, fat, fluffy cat by the name of Maggie that’s in a massive huff with me for leaving her. So I’d better finish this and find her some treats! Thank-you for reading, especially if you made it to the end.

Love & Tassels

Scarlet Rose



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