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How I Created my Burlesque Name – Cherry Pink

*Guest Blog by Cherry Pink, Sapphire Whisker at House of Trixie Blue*Cherry Pink Name Blog Copy of #whiskerwednesday.png

How I found my burlesque name- Cherry Pink

When I first began performing I needed a stage name quick and I had asked a friend to come up with something I could use.

 The name she came up with was Alexa Devine, I performed under that name in a few shows id been a part of but it just never felt quite right and never really felt like me… probably partly due to the fact I didn’t come up with the name!

As I grew in confidence with my acts and performance I knew I needed a stage name that I felt confident with too, I spent weeks trawling Burlesque blogs and websites looking for inspiration on how other performers had chosen their own names, reading books like Burlesque Handbook by Jo Weldon and Burlesque: A Living History by Jane Briggerman and watching Immodesty Blaize presents: Burlesque undressed. I loved all the stage names especially Dirty Martini! After that I even started trawling cocktail menu’s for inspiration but decided that “slippery Nipple” just wasn’t the right name for me…


 I must have been driving my partner crazy every now and then we would just sit naming colours and different food words in French even tried an anagram of my name but nothing really spoke to me. Then when we were driving somewhere in the car this song came on the radio.. (don’t ask what radio station I was on to have this song come on..) but I started to get my wiggle on.. when my partner told me the name of the song was Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White it just clicked…… Cherry Pink xxx


Or bosh to my friends  ha ha ha 


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