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How I Created my Burlesque Name – Ruby L’amour

*Guest Blog by Ruby L’amour, Sapphire Whisker at House of Trixie Blue*

Ruby Lamour Name Blog Copy of #whiskerwednesday.png

Bit of a cool story bro….

When I realised burlesque was something I wanted to pursue I knew I had to think of a name which was an incredibly difficult task! I knew I wanted something that represented me but couldn’t think what. I used numerous name generators and got some…. interesting results!


Going through those ‘Ruby’ kept popping up and I took a shine to it as I had bright red hair at the time. So I was half way there, I just needed something a little extra. I toyed around with the idea of ‘Ruby Fire’ (because of the fiery red hair!) but it just didn’t cut it so I thought about different things that you can associate with red and that’s when ‘love’ popped into my head but I wanted something a little more to it and that’s when Ruby L’amour was created!

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