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3 Minutes with Wildvixen

Hey everyone,

It is our favourite House of Trixie Blue feature. The feature where you get the down low and gossip about your favourite burlesque performers. Oh and this lady is a corker.  

Presenting, the Legends Challenge producer (what is the Legends Challenge?) and all round byker chick burlesque babe that is Wildvixen…



HOTB – How did you get into burlesque?
W– I had a friend who wanted to put on a show so asked me if I’d make up a routine. I knew nothing about burlesque. The history, the community. I was just winging it really, but I did my best and had so much fun that I wanted to do it again! Looking back its terrible really. Not that there’s anything wrong with throwing yourself in at the deep end but I wish I’d have more knowledge before starting out. There’s so much more to burlesque than most people realise. I like to think I am a little better educated these days but I’m still learning. I think I always will be. 


HOTB – Who is your inspiration?
W – I’ve been inspired by so many people, both within the community and from other places. That’s the beauty of burlesque, you can take inspiration from anywhere. If I was to say who was inspiring my right now I’d have to say Kitty Bang Bang! I saw her at the Gilded Merkin, and again at Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival. She blows me away! I felt I’d been striving to achieve something but I wasn’t sure what that something was till I saw her performance. I always want to remain original but I would say she really inspires me. She’s so talented and on my wave length. 


HOTB – What is your favourite music to perform to?
W – I honestly don’t have a favourite. I guess is depends on my mood or what I want to express through my act. I love my rock and metal so there’s usually and influence in there but I also love soul and blues so its a real mix. I have used pop and classical pieces too. I think variety keeps me interested. When I plan an act its usually around the music. I hear something and think “I’d love to perform to that” and then I develop around that rather than coming up with a concept then trying to find music to fit in. 


HOTB – Do you have a favourite act? and why? 
W – My favourite act to perform is my piece Love Hurts. Its a traditional peel with a classic costume but with a “Wildvixen Twist” side show ending. I love bringing the 2 elements together and often the audience don’t see it coming. Its so much fun.

As for my favourite acts by other performers….. That’s difficult. There are so many styles to choose from. I love Rubyyy Jones and her Pottyyy Mouth Princesses act. I get so fired up watching her. You can feel her empowering the whole audience from that stage. It blows me away! 

Millie Dollar has the most exquisite walk in the business, Poison Ivory from the US has eyes that could melt through you from the back of the room, no one bumps and grinds like Havana Hurricane and then theres Lydia La Scabies! I love everything she does. You cant make me pick just one!  I could go on all day! I just love burlesque in all its diverse and beautiful forms. 


HOTB – What is your favourite costume piece?
W – I haven’t used it yet but i have a beautiful necklace that kind of doubles as a top. Its hard to explain but I cant wait to use it. I bought it at a show girl store in Las Vegas and I’ve been waiting for a special act to bring it out! 


HOTB – Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce?
W – Tomato, no brown, no tomato…. Erm…. Tomato. But if I’m having a sausage sandwich can I please have both???


HOTB – If you had a movie made about your life, who would play you?
W – Oh god! Urmmmm. I have no idea. I’d like to pick someone like Megan Fox but that wouldn’t be very realistic would it hahaha! I guess I’d go for someone a bit edgy like Lori Petty or Juliette Lewis. I like them both. 


HOTB – Is there any advice you would give to fledgling performers?
W – Research! Everything you can. The history, the legends, current performers, shows, costuming, choreography, everything. I think discovering who I am through burlesque, has been through finding out where it came from and how I identify so strongly with it. Once I knew what it was that I was drawn to on a deeper level I was able to find my own identity in the scene. There was so much of the history I related to and it was a very interesting road of self discovery.

Facebook – Wildvixen

A huge thank you to Wildvixen for her honest interview.  Cheers to you lovely lot for reading.  Head on over to our Facebook page to tell us your thoughts and who else you want us to interview, we do this just for you. 

Thanks again and don’t forget to shimmy

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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