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How I Created my Burlesque Name – By Scarlet Rose

*Guest Blog by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress & Sapphire Whisker at House of Trixie Blue*

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Scarlet Rose- What’s in a name?

I’m sure there’s a Shakespeare reference to be made when you’ve got Rose in your burlesque name, but my moniker origin story isn’t even that inventive!

When I first started thinking about being a burlesque performer (before I could even take lessons!), I knew I wanted the first part of my stage name to be Scarlet. Because it sounds like my actual first name, Charlotte, I reckoned whatever someone called me I would respond and not accidentally ignore them. Manners were first priority it seems! However it took me right up until my first lesson before I thought of how to end it. I could never get the second half to sound just right and I have the name mind maps to prove it! And no, you can’t sneak a peak. Haha.

A full five years later, after my first lesson with Trixie Blue (still an event I mark in my diary. I’m a sap I really am), in which she gave me some excellent advice on burlesque names, I was having a celebratory iced coffee at the train station. Which was where the second half of my name clicked- Rose! Now why do I always say that it was very uninventive of me?

It’s my damn actual middle name isn’t it! Five years of working on a stage name and almost the whole thing was under my nose the whole time. Hah. It just goes to show you don’t always need to look very far for the right inspiration. Just maybe get there a little faster than I did ;).

Love & Tassels

Scarlet Rose


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