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Guest Blog: Burlesque: the illusion, the dreams and the fun by Miss Aurelia

Hey everyone, 

One of our amazing students, Miss Aurelia, has beautifully written about her personal relationship with burlesque. 

Burlesque is a powerful art form that can only be described as simply fabulous. 

We would love for you to check out Miss Aurelia s  musings and support our growing industry. Check it out here!!! 

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Burlesque: the illusion, the dreams and the fun


When I stepped in my first burlesque class, almost 4 years ago, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I knew we would wear interesting outfits, with feathers and stockings and heels. But what is it exactly? And most importantly, was this for me?

Stepping out of that class, I was hooked. It was a strange feeling, as if I had been doing it for all my life – I knew it would change and challenge me – and it did!

A widely acceptable definition for burlesque is the “art of tease” – teasing your audience (whether it is one person or 100 or 1000) with movements and stripping (!). However, I do like the statement by Dita von Teese that burlesque is “a world of illusion, dreams and fun” – because it definitely is!

The illusion: Even though I have been doing burlesque for some time now, I never stopped being fascinated by the reactions of the audience! As a performer on stage, you always think about your act: “Should I exaggerate this expression a bit more?”, “I’m so nervous, everyone can see it”, “Damn, my nipple tassel just went flying”. It is completely normal to think of all the little details – after all, we put so much work into it. But the audience only sees what you allow them to see! Your confidence, your sassiness, your teasing – even if your routine was not 100% perfect! The people get sunk in a world of illusion where your act talks to each and every one of them! Pretty amazing huh?

The fun: Burlesque provides a means of creativity in so many areas. For starters, you need to make your own choreography to a song of your choice (if you are a solo artist). The facial expressions, the control and freedom of body movements; you begin to explore your body in a way that you never have before. Then comes the costume! Oh yes! Putting pieces together, making your own signature costumes, that’s where you start creating the most bizarre and fascinating outfits that you always wanted to! You get to be a princess or a pirate – all of which are hugely acceptable! Not only that, but you become a part of a community with like-minded people, supportive women and talented performers!

The dreams: I personally believe that people have multiple sides and multiple characteristics: that is what makes us unique. Some of these aspects, however, may not be expressed in the everyday working life. Being a burlesque performer (or even a student in a class) allows our different personas to come out and shine on stage! You can be whoever you want, act however you want and live in whatever world you want to! No, it is not fake – it is a parallel reality! And that…. that is liberating!

I can keep going on and on about it, but the thing is: burlesque is no longer just a hobby for me – it is part of me. It has made me see my true self, not only on the outside but on the inside too. It has made me ACCEPT myself and not wanting to change it, just to strive for the best of me! It has given me the confidence to go out to the everyday world and say “I am what I am – and what I am needs to excuses” (as our favorite Shirley Bassey says!).

Concluding, I will leave you with this: whether you are a burlesque performer, a student, a professional, or have never tried it, each and every one of you is a BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING human being! Believe it, embrace it, accept it!!!


Miss Aurelia

Instagram: @aureliaburly



Footnote: Currently student of HOTB, previous student of Etrois


HOTB – WOW what an inspiring and heartfelt insight into Miss Aurelia’s burlesque experience. We are thrilled to have been able to be a part of this experience and hope you all enjoyed reading. 

Love & Shimmies
House of Trixie Blue



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