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Little Known ways that Burlesque Increases Body Confidence


Hey everyone,

We hope you are absolutely fantastic and having a blast of a February. Today, we are delving back into the taboo subject of body confidence and burlesque. 

Recently, we have received an abundance of messages from incredible ladies wanting to embrace burlesque and take some classes/attend some shows.

Super, right?
More burlesque fun, right?
Nothing bad about this, yeah?

Well actually there was one common theme to these messages

They all exclaimed they are drawn to burlesque, want to learn/watch burlesque but they are scared to because they are ashamed of their own bodies. 😦

Each and every one of these incredible ladies were worried that:
a) they wouldn’t fit in with the ‘ideal burlesque aesthetic’
b) their own barriers to learning/watching burlesque was their own perception of their bodies
c) they just felt uncomfortable being themselves
This made us feel an overwhelming wave of sadness that these amazing ladies could be so down on themselves.  It is super sad that they go through the everyday thinking about themselves in this manner.

We felt privileged to take the time to respond to these amazing ladies, sharing our own tried and tested burlesque & body confidence knowledge and today, we are going to share it with you.


Burlesque is such an amazing potion of fun, thrills, tease and exaggeration that it really shakes up your life to make you feel utterly fantastic.

Behold, three little known ways that burlesque increases body confidence:

It embraces who you are by offering a variety of different styles under its sparkly wing, making YOU feel fabulous.

Burlesque isn’t Its not one size fits all.  It doesn’t have to be sexy, cheeky, satire or an amalgamation of all three. You don’t have to have any dance co-ordination, heck you could just stand/sit there and capture the amazing feeling burlesque gives you.  All you need is a lust for burlesque, enthusiasm oh and a cheeky smile.

Burlesque is synonymous with corsets and lingerie, again, as burlesque embraces YOU, your very own burlesque Costume can be anything you want it to be, work with what makes you feel comfortable…even your onesie can be as burlesque as you want it to be.

(or even in a pink blow up crown, Union Jack glasses and a purse) 

Image may contain: indoor



Size matters?

We all know the answer to this…it’s a no innit!!! Size doesn’t matter in any way shape or form.  Burlesque is for anyone who wishes to embrace its charms and really welcomes all body shapes and sizes.  

There is no ‘ideal burlesque aesthetic’, we repeat, NO  ‘ideal burlesque aesthetic’.

Check out our previous blog post, Do you Have to be a Certain Body Size/Shape to do Burlesque? For a more in depth look into this concern.



Burlesque has the X factor!

Simon Cowell knows his stuff when he popped Beatrix Von Bourbon through on Britain’s Got Talent. The je ne sais quoi aka X factor elements to burlesque, gives to the spring in your step you deserve.

It is difficult to explain as the burlesque emotion is a personal trait, but it is this vast emotional roller coaster that learning/performing/watching/embracing burlesque can help you love your body from inside to outside.


Beatrix Von Bourbon burlesque dance – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 audition –


Beatrix Von Bourbon burlesque dance – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 semi final –


Talulah Blue  – Britain’s Got Talent –




Finally, embrace what you have! Your body has been through so much, maybe it’s time to cover it in glitter and SHAKE IT BABY!!!


Join in the conversation about burlesque & body confidence on our sparkly Facebook page and let us know your thoughts. We always love to hear from you.

Have a shimmytastic day

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue


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