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3 Cheeky Ways to Spice up your Valentines Day (2017)

Hey everyone!

We are still sizzling from our Valentines 2016 blog post that we have decided to share it with you again in all its glory. 

Valentines Day leaves us hot under the collar and these three potions to spice up your Valentines Day might be the perfect present for a loved one or an antidote to Cupids ways.

Commercialisation aside, even if you are not keen on the idea, we know these cheeky suggestions on how to spice up your Valentine’s Day are totally transferable skills…perhaps skip putting these on your CV.

3 Ways to Spice up your Valentine's Day

1 – A boudoir style shoot

We don’t necessarily mean professional shoot (even though that would be the icing on the cake – check out Richard Shepherd Photography if a pro shoot floats your boat), a ‘steamy’ selfie to boost your sexy confidence or if you are in a couple, why not play a game of photoshoot?

Don your favourite lingerie, or not, its your call and snap away.

For the best poses, have a practise run in the mirror first so you can see what poses suit your body shape. Pamper yourself by painting your nails, creating the perfect make up and hair look for you. When it comes to ‘shooting time’, position yourself in the best lighting you can to look absolutely amazing. Perfect for a giggle.

Valentines Day Gifts.jpg

3 – Burlesque Striptease

Well this was definitely going to be on our list. One of the best ways is being cheeky yet naughty is performing a burlesque striptease for your partner or mirror.

The best way to perform a sensual striptease is to keep a soft eye-line between your partner/mirror and your peeling garments.  

Direct your partner to parts of your body you wish to highlight by slow blinks and longing gazes, whilst looking straight back and directly into their eyes. This will definitely create an explosive connection between you both. 

This soft eye-line encourages your partner to follow your gaze, ignites the tease within the strip and they won’t be able to keep their eyes off you.

So, pop on that favourite track and tease the night away. 

Valentines Day Gifts.jpg

4 – Seduction, heighten your senses

Blindfold – check
Banana – check
Chocolate – check
Gorgeous Perfume – check
Yourself 😉 – check
Wine – whoops that has gone (just kidding).

With the above, play a little seduction game of heightening your senses. .

Firstly, blindfold your partner, then head to the pub. NO NO only kidding. Blindfold your partner to heighten their sense of taste with the banana and chocolate.

Heighten their sense of touch with melting chocolate (oh yes) and thinking of ingenious ways to remove that chocolate.  

Heighten their sense of smell with a spritz of perfume in the air.

Blend all these senses together to entice your partner and perhaps a little tickle. Heightening your partners senses is a simple, yet, effective way to seduce you partner. 

Not forgetting the wine, the wine is for you for doing all the hard work. Save us a glass, especially if it is a Merlot. 

Thank you all for taking time to read our blog today. We hope you all have a shimmytastic and sexy Valentine’s Day. We would love to know what you are up to or if you have any other tips to spice up Valentine’s Day. If you are celebrating it in style or have any tips, head on over to our Facebook page to dish the dirt on your Valentine’s plans.

Have a sexy and seductive day,

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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