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Catch up – Showgirl Sunday by Scarlet Rose

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Catch up – Showgirl Sunday by our beautiful Enchantress, Scarlet Rose. Scarlet scours the burlesque scene to introduce you all to some utterly fantastic performers through the means of social media and YouTube.  Each month, we will be bringing you Scarlet’s popular feature into one bitesize blog for your viewing pleasure. Take a peek…

Scarlet Rose Burlesque


*Bettsie Bon Bon*

Time for this week’s ***Showgirl Sunday***! (I know, two weeks in a row, we must be getting back to normal service). Today I bring you the gorgeous Bettsie Bon Bon; a performer for nearly 10 years, original member of Polly Rae’s Hurly Burly Girlys, co-founder of The Folly Mixtures and international headline solo artist in her own right. That’s quite a set of achievements right there and I bloody love the face she gives in her Green Queen act. Sooo seductive. See for yourself in the video below. Enjoy!




Boom, it’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** time! (See what I did there?) This week it’s International Cyclone of Burlesque RedBone! A soloist since 2006 and performing with Foxy Tann and Wham Bam Thank-you Ma’ams since 2005 she has performed internationally, competed at Burlesque Hall of Fame and produces bespoke events. Her Boom! (see?) act is full of slick choreography and fun reveals. Enjoy!



*Minxie Mimeux*

Time for this week’s ***Showgirl Sunday***! First up this week (ooh) is the Texan Tigress of Tease that is Minxie Mimeux! A slow and scintillating stripteaser, she is as noteworthy for her seductive moves as she is her amazing figure and has been a pinup cover girl and centrefold in many international publications. This year she was also crowned Queen of Burlesque 2016 at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. I love this haawwt routine for the time she takes but also for the use of the audience! Watch and find out what I mean. Enjoy!



*Trixie Blue* 

Now, time for a ***BONUS SHOWGIRL SUNDAY*** to make up for a lapse after the return haha. It might seem a bit of a cheat as this performer has been featured before, but bugger it, it’s my feature and I can break the rules if I want to. Plus this act didn’t exist at the time 😉. Multi award winner Trixie Blue is surely one of the hardest working performers in the industry, not only delivering in equal measure talent and skill onstage, but producing some of the best shows, teaching a host of students every week, crafting burly accessories for her True Blue range, forming The Sapphire Whiskers troupe… Need I go on? And still managing to be a bloody good friend and advice giver to me (and others I imagine but I can hardly speak for them haha) at the same time. What a lady. And I LOVE her Desvalido act, strong, slick and incredibly passionate, I never get bored of watching it. Enjoy!



*Josephine Shaker*

A weather appropriate ***Showgirl Sunday*** for you this week! As the days are getting colder, it seems a perfect time to share Josephine Shaker’s signature Penguin act! An accomplished dancer, producer and choreographer, for a wide range of clients and customers; I also really want to see her improv (she dares you to challenge her, I’m not just throwing out new suggestions). Possibly in the penguin costume. And who knew they could be so glamorously rude? This brought a smile to my face throughout and helped to warm me up. Enjoy!



*Reuben Kaye*

Time for this week’s ***ShowBOY Sunday***, after seeing him compere at last week’s Burlesque Noir I couldn’t not feature the glorious Reuben Kaye! An incredibly accomplished compere and performer in his own right, he has performed worldwide for a seemingly endless list of cabaret and corporate events. And quite frankly after seeing him last week I can see why he’s so in demand, his ability to hold and entertain the Tower Ballroom was exceptional and that voice! So the video is one of his songs last week that I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m sure you will too!



*April O’Peel*

Brrr, hasn’t it got chilly outside? I’m sure I’ve got something to warm you up in the name of ***Showgirl Sunday***! This week it’s April O’Peel, Burlesque Comedienne Extraordinaire! Winning Most Comedic at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2010 and it’s easy to see why when watching her routines, they’re equally lighthearted as they are so well executed. But that’s not all! April also teaches within Vancouver and regularly produces shows and events throughout the area. I loved her Hamburgler act for the skill involved but also the sheer joy of it. Enjoy!



*Rock Hart*

Time for this week’s ***ShowBOY Sunday***
and how’s this for the accolades this week’s feature, Rock Hart boasts: Male burlesque, cabaret, sideshow, male model AND a fire performer! And those are only a few of the reasons I consider him something of an energiser bunny when it comes to the burlesque world, there doesn’t seem to be anything he hasn’t tried his hand at and brought to his performances onstage, much to audiences’ delight. Alongside these accomplishments are his awards, including winning the Burlesque Noir Rising Star competition that saw him perform at Burlesque Noir this year (and they’re at Blackpool Tower Ballroom on Strictly this week- like the link?). But if you want to see the rest you’ll have to check out his Facebook page as I couldn’t possibly list them all here 😉. Obviously I had to share Rock’s Italian Stallion routine as it’s always a crowd pleaser and I’m sure you’ll love it too. Enjoy!



*The Maine Attraction*

Time for quite the attraction in this week’s ***Showgirl Sunday***, indeed The Maine Attraction! Maine is an international triple threat (that’s dancer/singer/actress) whose performances merge belly dance, samba, contortion and pole dance amongst a host of other talents into a style of burlesque she has termed Burlesque Fusion. A regular and favourite performer on the New York scene, this act should give you an idea why. I mean I take it you like seductively removed clothing and excellent dance skills… but how about when the performer is balancing actual FIRE on her head? Enjoy!


Thank you all reading today. Head on over to our Facebook page to tell us your thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

Love & Tassels



Showgirl Sunday is brought to you by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue.


Twitter: @ScarletRoseB

Instagram: scarletroseburlesque



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