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An Introduction to Seduction (Illumination) by Trixie Blue

Hey everyone,

It is the final Whisker Wednesday before Christmas and our very own Principal Enchantress and Sapphire Whisker, Trixie Blue, is taking us on a festive journey, which can involve mince pies & mulled wine if you so wish.

This journey we speak is the sensual journey of SEDUCTION!

As with all of Trixie’s recent blog posts, this is not safe for work, we repeater, it is not safe for work…

Do you dare enter Trixie’s realm of seduction?? 


An Introduction to Seduction (Illumination) by Trixie Blue

Oh well hello there ladies and gentlemen! You’ve made it this far and have entered into my realm of seduction, where it is nigh on impossible to get out. 


Even the word sends shivers down my spine.

I have a penchant for seduction and have spent the past 7 years conducting theoretical and practical research around this topic, putting my findings to the test at burlesque shows across the UK and earning my tag line as The Sapphire of Seduction one shimmy at a time. 

There are a variety of tips and techniques associated with seduction and I am going to share my favourite with you today. It’s an oldie but a goodie!!!! Hold onto your hats!


Before I continue, as seduction is subjective, I feel it is best to outline how I personally have come to define seduction.

I define seduction as:
* The action of seducing the self and others.

* Displaying features of being tempting or attractive – the exotic other.

Inherent within all of my teachings surrounding burlesque/performance/seduction, there is one common and very important theme.

That is you… YOU! in all your glory.

YOU are the most important factor to consider in seduction.

If we take a look at the first definition, self-seduction is getting to know your own body, its functions, its preferred movements and working with your strengths to make you feel utterly fantastic. 

As the self-seduction process is an individual journey, full of exciting revelations and a few giggles on the way, we will come back to this at a later date (or we will meet in one of my Introduction to Seduction classes in 2017).  

For now, I am going to share with you a key technique to whet your appetite for seduction.

 Are you ready?


*drum roll please*

Presenting illumination.

Definition (from our friend Google):
* Lighting or light

* Clarification

* Spiritual or intellectual enlightenment.

Illumination is a physical seduction technique, incorporating sight and feel but also heightens your other senses (taste, smell etc).

Illumination technique in seduction is very simple.  You use your eyes and hands to draw attention to your own erogenous zones. 

Yep, it’s that simple. 

It’s so simple, yet highly effective in creating a seductive atmosphere to make YOU feel fabulous….and your special someone of course.


Well enough of me talking about it. How about a demonstration?

Here I am demonstrating illumination of my décolletage. 

 Vimeo –

Step  by Step Guide:
To be used in conjunction with the video.

Firstly, choose your preferred sexy and fabulous erogenous zone to draw attention too. As you can see, I chose my décolletage.

Next, look at said erogenous zone in a slowly and saucy manner.  This slow saucy look to your chosen area is complimented with a slow saucy look up to meet your subject (or the mirror, always good to have a practice).  This creates the seductive atmosphere, without any words – phwoahhhhhhhhhh.

Thirdly, use your hand to highlight your chosen sexy erogenous zone.  Highlight the area with soft fingers and intention. Elongate your highlight (see video for demonstration) to prolong the seduction to be oh so fabulous. Don’t be wishy washy! Really highlight the area to unleash the sauce pot within.

Finally, amalgamate the two illumination techniques by using you hand to highlight the sexy erogenous zone again and before moving your hand away, saucily look down to the area and follow the hand to disappear into a seductive oblivion.

PHEW! there we have it! Illumination. Cold shower anyone????


Tee hee hee! I really hope you enjoyed learning about the illumination technique (out of 100’s) and i hope that you are going to try it out today. OOH please do and let us know how you get on via my Facebook page.

In 2016, I ran my first ever Introduction to Seduction workshop to saucy seductive burlesque enthusiasts to inject further sass into their acts.  It was such a giggle and everyone went away with an abundance of seductive techniques for their arsenal. Here is what one workshop attendee had to say about her experience…

“I liked how you made clear sections about what we were concentrating on then put them together.  The content was really helpful and we were made to understand it in good ways.  You also told us why we were doing it as well as what to do.  I’ll definitely be using what we learned to improve all of my routines.  I am planning a new routine that is more sex-pot than I normally do and this was an excellent way to get me in the zone and understand how to use my body to provoke a reaction.  The activities were really fun too (mmmm chocolate).” – Workshop Attendee 2016


I do hope this little insight into my favourite realm has been enjoyable. Do let me know how you get on by heading over to House of Trixie Blue’s Facebook page to join in the conversation. 


Thank you so much for reading, you little sauce pots!

Love & Seduction

Trixie Blue




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Happy Whisker Wednesday everyone.

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