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Trixie Blue Bares All – Showgirl Make up Transformation (Whisker Wednesday)

Hey everyone,

Do you want to see me…naked???  introducing you to 1/5 of The Sapphire Whiskers.  This member not only is part of the Whiskers but is the Principal Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue…the namesake herself… Trixie Blue.

Do you dare read on? Well of course you do, coffee break reading has never been so ridiculous… here…we…go…


(C)Bentley G. Ravelle

Well hello there everyone! I am absolutely thrilled to be here today. If we haven’t met before, well then my name is Trixie and I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance and appreciate your precious moments in your coffee break to read my contribution to The Sapphire Whiskers Whisker Wednesday. 

Copy of #whiskerwednesday (13).png


This month is full of burlesque banter like I have never seen before. Lots of wonderful shows and amazing after parties to get the showgirl vibe really going on.  I thought it appropriate for me to let you all into my little secret of how I transform into a showgirl.


Trixie Performing.png

Catch me out and about this December…mines a pint!


When I am on stage, I am an exaggerated version of myself. I feel more comfortable in being myself as a performer rather than crafting a stage persona. I feel I can really have fun with the audience if I am just being me…warts n all (well stripper knee bruises in my case).

Make up is my tool to exaggerate my personality. I adore make up. It is a huge hobby of mine and I have a fetish for make-up brushes, seriously could talk about brushes for hours and hours.

So ladies and gents, I have decided to bare all. Sure I am used to baring my bottom on stage but not my bare face, here it is. From naked to stage ready in a flash.

I hope you enjoy…


Thank you all for reading, watching and party on dudes.

Love & Shimmies,

Trixie Blue & House of Trixie Blue


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Trixie Blue in Action

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