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Glasgow Festival of Burlesque By Scarlet Rose

Hey everyone,

Scarlet’s taking over this weeks blog for Whisker  Wednesday to bring you the low down of her adventures at Glasgow Festival of Burlesque…


Glasgow Festival of Burlesque Blog

Hello! I had planned a vlog, then a blog  for #WhiskerWednesday however technology has been conspiring against me and so the following has been written on my phone. However, without the technical issues I wouldn’t have thought to give you the behind the scenes look at GFOB so I’m sure it’s one of those serendipitous moments. Hope you enjoy it!


Day 1- Friday 11th November
We were on the road to Glasgow, rollers in, gossip ready and Christmas coffees purchased. An excellent start to any road trip I’m sure you’ll agree. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement we had at being booked into a Travelodge for the night. The luxury of getting our slap on in a  comfortable bed with Come Dine With Me on was the perfect start to the weekend!



Shows performed in
Myself and Trixie were performing at the Evening Showcase at the Glasgow Festival of Burlesque and what a fab time we had! Great banter backstage, a fab audience and brilliant introductions from our producer extraordinaire Roxy Stardust meant that we had a wonderful time. It resulted in a nice moment of reflection at what a bloody good job we have. And then the colds struck! Fortunately it was post show but it did mean we had to down tools- thank GOD for the Travelodge right? We were tucked up in bed with crap TV and an intention to fully recover for the morning!


(Now how’s that for a good backstage spread? Thanks Roxy!)


Acts performed
No Swingity has made it to Scotland! I love performing this act as I always have so much fun with it and I love seeing the audience smile or bop away to the tune. It makes the whole experience even better! (And thanks to Trixie Blue for filming it, so you can watch it by clicking the link below and feel like you were there! But without the thrill of live entertainment ;)). 


Best of the banter
Not banter per se, but Raphael Risky proposing to his girlfriend at the end of the showcase was quite the highlight of the night!



Cocktail catch-ups
Soo many lovely new people were met and old friends reacquainted with. Roxy (obviously), Morning Star, Rock Hart, Kim Khaos, Tom Harlow, Celeste de Moriae, Miss Innocence Bliss all got a big hug and a good chat. I also got to meet Kitty Ribbons, Lolita VaVoom, Miss Knock Out Noire, Raven Rose and Tallulah Belle who all luscious to talk to and banter with backstage. God I always have a good time in Scotland!


Coffees consumed
Two to get me through!


Day 2- 12th November
I had a great day as I got to attend Trixie’s Beginners Burlesque workshop (always a good boost to the technique!), attended the market that had some amazing stalls including Kim Khaos’ Exotic Ecdysiast and Tony Heath’s artwork that we had a good perusal of plus some more chats with the lovely students that came to Trixie’s class.

Then we met up with Brandy Montmartre and as I was apparently looking particularly peaky (cold + hunger does nothing for your subtlety) I was instructed to eat a good hot lunch so we ended up in a gorgeous Zizzi’s. And didn’t it do just the trick! Feeling much better we said goodbye to Brandy who was performing in the Saturday Showcase and headed over to Enterteasement!


(Some of Kim’s gorgeous gowns. Honestly check out Exotic Ecdysiast for some luscious costume bits). 


Shows performed in
While I had a nice day off, Trixie was performing in Enterteasment and what a bloody good show that was. Stand up and burlesque doesn’t half entertain mind. 


Best of the banter
Have you ever seen a freestyle comedy MC? Will Naameh was hilarious and it’s a bloody talent he has! 


Cocktail catch-ups
We got to meet some lovely students, have a catch up Brandy Montmartre and meet the lovely crew and comedians of Enterteasement, all of whom seemed as funny as each other! I was basically laughing from arrival to leaving. 


Coffees consumed
Just one!! It must have been a well timed one. 


We had a fab time in Glasgow; a gorgeous city full of gorgeous people and many laughs. Thanks for having us!


Love & Tassels

 Scarlet Rose

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