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The Importance of a Showgirl Cleanse by Scarlet Rose

Hey everyone,

It is Whisker Wednesday (finally, it took a week to get here – tee hee hee) and we are at the start of a brand new month. As it is a new month, we have a new Whisker to introduce you too. This lovely lady is by no means a stranger in the world of House of Trixie Blue and we are delighted to bring you her first Whisker Wednesday by means of an informative video about the importance of a showgirl cleanse… oh my. 

Introducing our Enchantress and Sapphire Whisker, the sensational Scarlet Rose.


The Importance of a Showgirl Cleanse By Scarlet Rose



In which I take the opportunity to get on my soap box about hot cloth cleansing vs cleansing wipes. It is a very important burly issue in which my Whisker Sisters have all been instructed! #whiskerwednesday #thesapphirewhiskers


CAROLINE HIRONS CLEANSING BLOG POST: (I recommend binge reading all her Cheat Sheets to start. Won’t take long and you’ll be brimming with information!)…

Please feel free to chat all things burly, skincare and anything else you think might be interesting via:
Twitter: @scarletroseb
Instagram: @scarletroseburlesque

The Sparkly Beginnings of Scarlet Rose: https://welcometothehouseoftrixieblue…

3 Minutes With… Scarlet Rose: https://welcometothehouseoftrixieblue…

My First Year in Burlesque by Scarlet Rose: https://welcometothehouseoftrixieblue…

Thank you all for watching and don’t forget to check out The Sapphire Whiskers on Facebook, we have SHOWS coming up on 26th November 2016 – The Carnival of Tease. Check out for tickets.

Love & Shimmies,

House of Trixie Blue



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