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B for Me – Balancing Act – A Life of Hats part 2 by Ruby Rox

Hey everyone,

Happy Whisker Wednesday everyone. To celebrate the last Whisker Wednesday of October, we are bringing you one final blog from the amazing Ruby Rox. It’s not to be missed…

_DSC0328Balancing act-a life of hats






The other big B in my life is books!

 I have shelves full of them in my cosy little flat and boxes full of them in the loft! Fiction, non-fiction particularly biographies and anything to do with performing arts but also those all-important cook books!

Complete with a cast iron book stand which takes pride of place in the kitchen there are lots of cooking options for me to delve into and experiment with. Jack Monroe, Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Bero along with recipes pulled from Asda magazines and various newspapers. I love to try them change them and then add them to my repertoire.

My current favourite food writer has to be Jack Monroe and their first book “A girl called Jack” is a great place to start cooking with. Easy, reasonably healthy, cheap recipes that can be adapted to suit different tastes and budgets.



When the balancing act is running smoothly and I make the time these are used on a daily basis and take pride of place in the kitchen close to the cast iron book stand. I try to vary my recipes but also have a few in my repertoire that I can always rely on for a tasty tea.


Cooking and baking for both myself and others makes me happy. My dream kitchen would include a huge table to fit lots of friends and family round all enjoying food and drinks together. A favourite of my colleagues is a Baileys cheesecake but one of my favourite sweet treats is a banana cake made with dark muscavado sugar-mmm delicious!


I think you have had a lovely peak into the life of Ruby when not onstage and I look forward to seeing you at the next performance in November!

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