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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Whisker Wednesday! It is a brand new month, so we are introducing you to another fantastic Sapphire Whisker. Presenting the incredible Ruby Rox…


Balancing act-a life of hats

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”
I have had to remind myself of this far too regularly for many years and I still don’t always get the balance right.

IF you’re still reading…well hello there, I’m Ruby Rox and I live a life of hats. Most people do, some have more than others and everyone who is a burlesque performer will have at some point had a problem juggling their hats.


My hats

My hats-professional
Burlesque performer
Dance teacher (children)
Hen party instructor
Special needs support assistant (secondary school)-full time
Tynemouth district scouts executive committee member-volunteer
Tynemouth Gang show –choreographer-volunteer

My hats-personal
Burlesque performer
Being a daughter
Sister *3
Other family members
Best friends
Pet owner *5


I love my hats, well most of the time. Although there are those days when it seems completely impossible that you will get everything done. I somehow still manage to function as a normal human being. It also has to be said that some days it can be hard to put on the hats that are slightly more tasking or just not quite as fun!
The thing I need to remind myself is that often the hats that suffer are the most important ones, my girlfriend, family, friends and, well me. I suffer first and it shows on my face with outbreaks of cold sores, feeling tired and reaching for a bottle of wine not just a glass!

My exercise gets less as my motivation slips and preparing food is no longer a priority.
You may be asking yourself why I am writing about this. It could appear a little odd, but actually the main reason is that burlesque has become the “thing” I do for me, purely for me. It is currently one of my favourite hats. It has the added bonus of becoming a profession as well but that was not the intention when I pursued it. Not only has it made me feel beautiful in my outer skin, creative and better as a performer it has also opened a whole new world of people, places and influences some of which I had no idea existed (especially in Newcastle). It has enabled me to help with that “make a life” part of the quote, you know the important part.
It would be wrong at this point to not mention that although my initial baptism into burlesque was in the form of becoming a hen party instructor for “Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret”. My education in burlesque has rather marvellously continued, inspired and been delivered in part by “House of Trixie Blue”.

I really hope you have enjoyed this little insight into Ruby Rox and hope you will pop back to read the next instalment later on in October

Ruby Rox

Thank you for reading. Head on over to The Sapphire Whiskers Facebook page to see a little more of Ruby, the rest of the Whiskers and join in the banter. 


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