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            For the second year in a row, the enchantresses of House of Trixie Blue headed to Edinburgh for the start of the Fringe Festival. Below documents the performances, catch ups and all round banter there was to be had from Scarlet Rose.

Day 1- Thursday 4th August

I’m not going to lie, if you ever need to book public transport, you’ll wish you had the skills of our bunk buddy Ebony Silk. First class train there and back baby! Special shout out to Emma from Virgin trains for accommodating our insanely picky food demands. You are a complete babe. We checked into our super cosy hostel literally opposite the meadows in Edinburgh and set about glittering the whole of the carpet. Entirely unintentionally of course.


Shows performed in

I had the pleasure of being a Fringe punter today, so I performed in no shows! However, I did get to watch Trixie perform in the fabulous Best of Burlesque. She rocked Desvalido as ever (bloody love that act) and the whole line up was a fab hour of entertainment. I’m so excited to perform there at the weekend!

Acts performed 

The act of an audience member: so there was much cheering and clapping which was no hardship considering the line up. Ideal.

Best of the banter

We have an evil bin in our room. No matter how quietly you try to lower its lid you will smash it down and wake the entire floor at half 2 in the morning. Trixie thought this was hilarious. I was mortified. Multiple times. Below is a picture of the evil bin after we wrecked our revenge upon it at the end of the trip. So many face wipes and wine bottles.


The evil bin after we were done with it. Wasn’t going to close now was it?! Mwahahaha! 

Quote of the day

*Smash!!!* (See above).

Cocktail catch ups

Oh my gosh, I got to meet sooooo many new people today I am bound to miss someone off, but I had the pleasure of finally meeting:

Best of Burlesque producers Chaz Royal & Betty Rose Royal (and gorgeous Ruby. She’s such a cutie and a proper showbiz baby already!)
Kiki Lovechild, who can hold his own like no other in a conversation about Sunday night telly.
The charming and talented saw player Markee de Saw (clue’s in the name really).
The hilarious Elena Gabrielle. Be sure to check out her show Dirrty at Chalky’s while it’s still on!
A delightful but brief encounter with Roxy Stardust too, what a bloody babe she is! And a perfectly timed flasher to boot. She knows what I’m talking about.

We also met people out of the burly world if you can believe it! Well, one person. The fabulous comedian Danny McLoughlin, be sure to check out his show Philip Was Right at The Tron. I was howling and can only apologise to the other audience members that were clearly (understandably) alarmed by my strange laugh.

Coffee counter

A respectable two but I could have mainlined a third quite frankly. First class life is tough!


Day 2- Friday 5th August

Shows performed in 

Gosh, this being a tourist is bloody lovely isn’t it? I got to watch both Trixie and Ebony rock it at the Best of Burlesque again, what an awesome show with a fab line up no matter who’s on the bill. Loved it.

Best of the banter

I now have the reputation for being the loud one. Can you believe it? When someone knocked their chair over outside a restaurant I had to text Trixie and Ebony who were inside ordering to let them know I had nothing to do with it! And myself and Trixie made our pilgrimage to Heaven, otherwise known as Maison de Moggy. Such gorgeous cats. I could happily live there and curl up with them all. Looking for a cat nanny in residence guys?


“Shiiiiiiiitt!!!” If you want to know why you can ask :P.

Cocktail catch ups

I got to chat with many of the same performers as yesterday, plus the beautiful caaaaaatss! Seriously, how do I sneak one out with me next time?

Coffee counter

As it stands, I’ve only had one today and I’m writing this at 3 o’clock in the morning!! I’ll be dead tomorrow.


Day 3- Saturday 6th August


Shows performed in

Gosh the Fringe is brilliant; I don’t even know why I was so tired last year… What do you mean I’m performing today? Finally had to get my act together and werk! But in the best possible way, as I had the pleasure of performing in Roxy Stardust’s The Saucy Shindig at Malone’s Irish Bar and Chaz Royal’s Best of Burlesque in the Piccolo Tent at the Assembly with my Little Monster act. What bloody good audiences the Fringe Saturday night crowd were, though no surprises there.

Kim Khaos acting as fabulous feathery bouncer & Ebony Silk heating it up with her hula act; both taken at The Saucy Shindig at Malone’s Irish Bar.

Acts performed

Little Monster. I bloody love how very filthy I get to be in this act. Quite literally considering I dropped to the floor in a pub.

Best of the Banter 

Oh the walk back to our hostel was so ridiculous and banter filled but I’m afraid it won’t translate so well here. All I can say is: Dot dot dot.

Quote of the Day 

Came from my friend Darryl, who came to see the show at Best of Burlesque:

Darryl to Trixie: “Well, the thing she was really good at I have to say…”
Me: *blushes, acts grateful* Naw, bless, thank-you.
Darryl: … “Oh no I wasn’t talking about you”.

Charming ey? That’ll teach me to never assume!


With Darryl & Al. Thanks for coming guys!

Cocktail catch-ups

It wouldn’t be Fringe if I didn’t get a piece of Kim Khaos! I saw my gorgeous Glaswegian today and she was as ever, the epitome of warmth and loveliness. AND she came bearing gifts, in the form of my new Isis wings, even better! Such a talented costumer, checkout Exotic Ecdysiast online for your indulgent boudoir/burlesque needs! She also introduced us to “The Pandas”, which I am leaving as this ambiguous title because some people think I mean literal pandas. And maybe they could have been. The hugs were just as nice.

Who knew I would find another Professional Provocateur out in the world in the form of Delta Daggers? Gives a hair raising burlesque performance (puns!) but my word, can this Pro Pro SING! She serenaded us in the dressing shed after Best of Burlesque and what a velvety voice she has. Luscious!

The moment of realisation that we were BOTH Professional Provocateurs; as officially stated on our business cards. Teehee!

The beautiful Celeste de Moriaie who ended up rescuing an Enchantress glove of mine on Sunday! Thank-you again my love, I am SO so grateful!
Luna TikTok, who I can tell you now is a bloody fierce and HAWT performer, and I know this based on an obscured view I had of her shoulder blades for most of her act. But what sexy shoulder blades!

Coffee counter 

Two, though add to this the extremely strong Southern Comfort and Cranberry I was bought by Al and Darryl (thanks guys!). It’s 5 o’clock, I’m still awake and I can’t work out if it’s because of or in spite of this drink. Either way, I will probably regret it in the morning!


Day 4- Sunday 7th August

Shows performed in

It was a busy day today! I performer four acts in three shows: The Saucy Shindig, Lola Rogue’s Late Night Burlesque Show and Best of Burlesque. This is one of my favourite things about Fringe, the amount you can squeeze into such a short space of time! All are fab and you should definitely see if you can get to them all if you’re up there.

Acts performed 

My tasselling summer disco routine Cuba got one outing but the main star was my Little Monster bump and grind. My knees are wrecked. Picture proof at the end.

Best of the banter

In order to make sure I wasn’t late for my last show, I put my fiddley body harness and ribbon tie bra on under a shirt dress so they were ready upon arrival. Standard Fringe. However, I’d managed to get myself stressed about times (totally unnecessarily, there was plenty of time as it turned out), and I was a touch sweaty, so instead of doing my shirt dress up like a dignified person, I just threw my trench coat over the top and did up the two buttons. Turns out it’s not that modest when the weather is set to Edinburgh gale. I’m not entirely sure how many taxi drivers I probably flashed, but on the plus side at least the flyerers believed me when I said I was en route to a show. One even wished me good luck!

Cocktail catch-ups

We three of Argyle Hostel met up with Brandy Montmartre for lunch (with the hottest pizza in the WORLD! Delicious though.) and coffee at a gorgeous place I’ve forgotten the name of but stared woefully at every time we walked past. Fortunately, the burly girls were kind enough to let me indulge my café addiction and we were also joined by my friend and burly fan Shonagh, who you may remember from last year’s blog! Sadly, we didn’t get her covered in glitter this time. We must do better.



I was also delighted to meet Maisie Martini and Barry Island at The Saucy Shindig, it was far too brief but that didn’t hinder the enjoyment.
Top balloon fellater, Tigress. Not only a fab performer and most fun backstage but I will be forever grateful for the brownie she gave me after the show was over. I was starving and tired and it was sheer life.

Coffee counter

One. ONE!! I’m not sure what’s happening, either I’m learning to function like a grown up or I should apologise in advance for tomorrow’s behaviour.


Day 5- Monday 8th August

Sadly, we had to leave today and after a nice lazy pub stop to people watch by the Tron Kirk we made our way to the station. Not going to lie, the first class really helped to soften the blow, thanks again Ebony! All my future travel plans have been ruined by this experience. And I had my first cup of tea since Thursday! How did THAT happen?

Thank-you to all the producers who booked me in their shows; if you’re heading to the Fringe you should seriously check out everyone who’s been mentioned, all the performers I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time for adding to the banter, if I’ve forgotten anyone I’m so sorry, the friends who came to shows and (bloody hell, when did I think I’d won an Oscar?) the two ridiculous roommates I’ve had in Trixie and Ebony. Time to top up on tea, win Maggie the cat back over for leaving her and document with glee the progression of my stripper knee. I mean would you look at it?!


Love & Tassels




Check out Scarlet on Facebook and follow all the antics of Edinburgh Fringe 2017 as they happen. 




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