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How to ‘Burlesque’ in the Office!

Hey everyone,
There are no surprises when we say burlesque makes you feel FABULOUS! Taking burlesque classes, performing on stage and prancing about in the comfort of your own home really gives you the feel good factor (it does, you lovely lot even said it it does in our previous blog Why does Burlesque make you feel Fabulous?).

Question is folks, why do we only keep the beauty of this art behind closed doors?

Presenting the blog post with a spoonful of banter, How to ‘Burlesque’ in the Office.

How to 'Burlesque' in the Office!

We want you to make like David Brent and be the office entertainer with House of Trixie Blue’s burlesque in the office tips.

A little shimmy and a smile in the office never hurt anyone but how can you implement the beautiful art of burlesque into your daily office life. Here’s how…

Paper Clips
These are not just for holding paper together, oh no, if you carefully construct these silver (or multi-coloured if you are posh) fastenings together, you can create an innovative ‘tassel’. Attach to your top and shake what ya mamma gave ya to your hearts content.

paper clips

We all know what goes on at the photocopier at the Christmas ‘do’, use this to your burlesque advantage. Perhaps trace your fingers along the display board, whilst you choose your desired document to print. Maybe press the big green button of photocopying pleasure with the utmost exaggeration and cheeky burlesque face. Not only this, the photocopier produces its own ‘music’. Wiggle and shimmy to the sound of the printer and away you go.



Office Chair
It is no surprise that your office chair has been incorporated into this blog, as chairs are a simple, yet effective way of taking your act to another level. The office chair provides so many innovative choreography ideas. You can move the chair up, down, back, forward and spin ALL the way round. Try a few spins and shimmies today! Your 11am coffee break will never be the same.



Hole Punch ‘Glitter Pour’
Yes, you read that correctly, why bin the contents of the hole punch when you can use it for the finale of your office burlesque act??? When you are ready to reveal, so to speak, throw the contents of the hole punch tray over your head and bask in the beautiful mess that you are creating. You could further your office performance by incorporating a ‘dancing partner’ Henry the Hoover.



On a serious note…

Using the fundamental principles of burlesque in the office, i.e. the feel good factor, celebration of your own unique qualities, can help you build confidence in your work. Burlesque has a potent effect on your overall well-being, putting a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a giggle into the everyday.

Burlesque attire certainly has its place in the office, especially lingerie. Lingerie in the workplace provides a suit of delectable armour that only you know about (or those you choose to know *wink*). Wear something that makes you feel utterly fabulous. This will make you feel invincible and conquer any boardroom meeting.

In addition to the aesthetics of burlesque, burlesque celebrates the individual, something which is needed more within the workplace. Celebrate your co-workers, celebrate your unique qualities and celebrate the everyday.

Finally, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to inject burlesque into your daily life for the remainder of this week. We will support you all the way and we would LOVE to hear how you get on. Tell us your stories on our Facebook page. Good luck and don’t forget to shimmy.

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue 



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