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Meet The Sapphire Whiskers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After many years of creative and careful thought, it gives us great pleasure to introduce our brand new professional burlesque troupe, the simply fantastic burlesque sirens – THE SAPPHIRE WHISKERS.

 *jazz hands at the ready*.

oie_transparent (5)

No stranger to the workings of a troupe, our Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue made her debut in Etrois, a professional burlesque & cabaret troupe ran by the fabulous Ellouise back in the good ol’ days. After a ‘troupe hiatus’, Trixie felt that the time was right to take House of Trixie Blue to the next level of burlesque goodness.  

The casting process was not an easy one. Over 20 lovely and fabulous ladies applied to be a part of our new adventure. We were overwhelmed at the burlesque talent here in the North East and we were really excited about how many fabulous performers applied – Thank you all again.

To let you in on the secret of our audition process, the initial stages comprised of a formal application and a Q&A section.  All returned applications were given the chance to audition to a panel of judges to strut their stuff.

And let us tell you, this was the hardest thing we have ever done!

The panel was made up of three judges with different burlesque backgrounds. We had a producer, performer and an audience member perspective, to ensure an inclusive, accessible and fair audition process.

During the auditions, all of the auditionee’s gave it their all and we were truly humbled to be presented with such talent in the North East.

However, there could only be four members in the troupe (excluding Enchantresses Scarlet & Trixie).

Question is now folks are you ready to meet The Sapphire Whiskers? Then here we go…



*Ruby L’amour*


No stranger to the stage, Ruby has been a performer for 15 years, 5 of which devoted to burlesque. Her confidence and quick wit are integral to her engaging burlesque acts, which really whip you up into a frenzy of burlesque excitement. 
After watching her first burlesque show, Ruby knew she was meant for the stage. In December 2011, she took the first step and joined Etrois’ Suspender Kittens. One show done and there was no stopping her! From here, Ruby has been a frequent performer at the House of Trixie Blue student showcases. 
Ruby is cute but cheeky, charming but naughty, sweet but sultry. She’s not afraid to push the boundaries and always has a little surprise tucked away in her suspenders.


*Cherry Pink*


A vintage throw back at heart, Cherry Pink encapsulates a love for classical Hollywood cinema, musicals and theatre and a fascination for all things pin up within her breath-taking repertoire.

From a young age, Cherry has had experience is different styles of performance arts such as; ballet, highland dancing and also other amateur dramatic performance.

Taking her first burlesque class in 2010, burlesque has been her passion, not just as a performing artist but as teacher of burlesque movement and dance.

Cherry calls upon her inner femme fatale in her performances, seduces and teases her audience and always leaves them wanting more. Enraptured audiences won’t be able to peel their eyes off her when Cherry takes to the stage.


*Ruby Rox*


Delivering an elegant and classy performance with a sultry edge, Ruby Rox is a delightful lady who knows how to entice her audience with charm and finesse.

From 4 years of teaching lively hens a passion and love of the art form evolved making the transition to performance a matter of compulsion, Ruby is inspired by all things vintage and can be seen losing her inhibitions and embracing the nature of 20’s speak-easy in all its flirtations, frivolous glory!


*Scarlet Rose*


By her own admission,this enchantress at the House of Trixie Blue was born to burlesque. A Professional Provocateur both on and off stage, her love of classical burlesque and striptease shines through her performances.

In the two and half years since her debut, an unrepentant love of bump and grind has also left some audience members unable to resist shouting ‘Encore!’ and her routines have seen her awarded as Best Newcomer 2014 (Teaser Awards) and Best Concept 2015 (Tea Time Tassel Off).”



*Trixie Blue*


Trixie Blue is the Principal Enchantress & Founder of The Sapphire Whiskers at House of Trixie Blue. A multi-award winning burlesque performer, Trixie has been involved with the performance art industry for over 26 years, 7 of these being dedicated to the art of the tease.

Trixie enchants audiences all over the UK as a performer, produces her own burlesque shows in the North East (since 2012) and runs weekly burlesque classes for a bunch of fabulous ladies.

Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Masters of Research degree specialising in burlesque. Not only this, she has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge, along with her infectious enthusiasm to deliver a burlesque experience you will never forget.

(C) Photography- Walker Photography


Want to see The Sapphire Whiskers in action? Their FIRST EVER performance is at House of Trixie Blue presents…

Burluskers Delight –



  1. It sounds like The Sapphire Whiskers are going to be an awesome combination! I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops and grows for you all and maybe one day working with you as I love to photograph burlesque performers.



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