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Why does burlesque make you feel fabulous?

Hey everyone,

Can we get a whoop!? It’s Wednesday and we are feeling super fly. How are you all!!? Gearing up for summer sun!? Good stuff, that’s what we like to hear.

Today Trixie is taking over the blog to talk to you all about something close to her heart, how burlesque makes you feel and why it makes you feel FABULOUS DAAAAHHHLING. We popped a post on Facebook asking YOU why burlesque makes you feel fabulous and you lovely lot responded… check it out, you might just make it into the blog post…

Why Burlesque makes YOU feel Fabulous-

Take it away Trixie…

It was a cold and soggy Wednesday evening and I was en route to teach some amazing ladies burlesque.

Of course I ended up in a traffic jam on this very evening, typical!

But in the traffic jam and pouring rain, I thought to myself I wonder if anyone will turn up in this appalling weather.

Upon my arrival at the studio, there they were, the fabulous House of Trixie Blue students. The majority braved the weather and attended their lessons that evening despite the blooming horrid weather.

I was blown away by the dedication and the enthusiasm for this transgressive transformative art form (burlesque) by the attendance of the ladies and their thoughts about how good they felt after the session.

It was this evening that has inspired me to find out why burlesque makes you feel fabulous.

Now we all know how burlesque makes Scarlet Rose and I feel you can check this out here:


But you lovely lot make House of Trixie Blue tick, so my aim over this next year to dive deep into realms of burlesque to continually answer the loaded question of why burlesque makes you feel fabulous?

Here are some of the quotes from you smashing burly babes to get the ball rolling (thank you all):


‘It allows me to be my ridiculous self where normal social standards would deem it inappropriate.’ (2016:NC)

‘It gives u confidence and reminds you that you are in fact a beautiful lady and with one flick of a glove you have someone’s attention ……. I love the look on people’s faces when you tell them what you do for an hour on weds night too.’ (2016:LA)

‘I love that it’s an inclusive art form. Absolutely anyone can do burlesque. I have gained confidence and learned to love myself as I am.’ (2016:FW)

‘I love the opportunity to entirely create your own performance rather than follow scripts!’ (2016:RN)

‘Burlesque makes me feel beautiful and allows me to be myself.’ (2016:DL)

‘I can be myself.’ (2016:CA)

‘Fabulous Frolics!’ (2016:PL)

‘It has the feel good about yourself factor.’ (2016:DS)

I feel utterly fabulous reading through these little tidbits and why burlesque makes me feel fabulous is because it makes YOU feel fabulous.

The general consensus is that burlesque encapsulates that ‘feel good factor’. It makes you feel good about yourself, which in this day and age is something that is very difficult to achieve.

Burlesque provides an otherworldly quality, which is championed by the individual and can be a personal or a shared experience. It is wonderful to read from the above that burlesque has heightened so many students confidence levels and given them the tools to embrace the beautiful ladies they are.

The most important thing I have found within this little research project is that burlesque gives you the freedom to experience life through a different lens, a sparkly one at that and doesn’t allow room for critique, especially critique of yourself as burlesque is inclusive, adaptable and unique to the individual.

Well ladies and gentleman, thank you all for taking part and allowing your musings to be my muse. Thank you all for continuing to inspire me and House of Trixie Blue and thank you all for reading.

Love and Shimmies

Trixie & House of Trixie Blue





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