House of Trixie Blue

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Narcissistic Cannibal Trixie Blue

Exclusive Interview with Trixie Blue by the gorelesque queen Ivonna Bee

Ivvonnas Gorelesque Guide

I was fortnate enought to pin down the incredible Trixie Blue from Newcastle for an interview for my gorelesque blog. I know its been a while bt ive been creating like a mad scientist and its left myself a little short on time for the blog. bear with me though as I will have some epic DIY blogs coming up. Thank you to Trixie again for her wondeful input xx

How long have you been performing gorelsque?

Ooh well it has all started predominantly behind the scenes at House of Trixie Blue HQ. I have been dabbling with gorglesque concepts since 2013, as I adore the idea of amalgamating concepts that are perceived gory and beauty. I made my official debut with a gorlesque inspired act in 2014, Narcissistic Cannibal.

What inspires or motivates your performances?

I am inspired by everything. People, places, objects and concepts are a huge influence…

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