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Burlesque Show 101: What to Expect at a show?

Hey everyone,

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?? Are you ready to have your socks well and truly BLOWN off? well get ready, get steady and LET’s RUMBLE with our article, What to expect at a burlesque show? 

Warning: This content requires a cuppa


Burlesque Show 101

Firstly, the main thing to expect from a burlesque show is FUN, FUN, FUN! Everything about burlesque is good ol’ fashion fun.  Be prepared to be shocked, teased, pleased and be merry. 

There is an abundance of burlesque styles and genres (which shall be discussed within a future blog post, we promise) from the glamorous to the satirical, performed by female, male, groups, troupes, there is always something for everyone.












Tea Time Tassel Off 1827 - Belgrave Music Hall - 16th Jan 2016

Burlesque shows also love love love to have the audience involved. Oh yes that’s right ladies and gents, there are different levels of audience participation ‘required’. From clapping after each performance, to whooping and cheering throughout the performance. It is all in good fun and always good taste.

Some shows play games with the audience, have best dressed competitions or even, in the case of House of Trixie Blue, teach the audience a mini burlesque routine. Sometimes the burlesque performers themselves will require a ‘helping hand’.  All in all, live burlesque is a truly engaging experience.


audience partiicpation

(Trixie teaching a mini workshop at The Periwinkle Pussycat March 2015)

(Audience Selfie Santa Wears Stockings 2015)


(Trixie taking an audience selfie at The Periwinkle Pussycat Sep 2016 – (C) Richard Shepherd Photography)

Mannequin Challenge – Burlesque Revue
Mannequin Challenge – Vaudeville Vault 

There is one element that appears in the majority of burlesque performances and that is the striptease to partial nudity – OOH er! It is a staple ingredient of a burlesque performance since the 20th C. 

The tease element of the striptease compliments the naked form. Many performers adhere to burlesques tradition of pasties or nipple tassels and at least a g-string to cover the ‘lower regions’.  If the striptease element works well with the concept of the act, it can be blooming MINDBLOWING! 


IMG_9920 Mono



Lastly, one of the main questions we get asked is, what do I wear to a burlesque show?  Well ladies and gents, as we know that burlesque is a participatory art form, what better way to express this than to look the part and play dress up.  Some shows provide a dress code for you and specify this request on their events. Other than that, let your imagination run while…

Here are a few dress code tips:

Ladies & Gents attire
Glamorous dresses
Gorgeous heels
Beautiful Fascinators 
Stunning Hair Flowers
Corsets (dress up with a skirt or down with jeans, both look fabulous)
Vintage inspired looks – Check out
Super fly suit attire
Smart jeans and a shirt
Full on morning suit glamours

Little Tip – Leave the pasties/tassels and g-strings at home. Let the performers wear those bad boys ;-).

This is, however, completely up to YOU!!!! Dress how you feel the most fabulous. It is always amazing to dress to impress with burlesque!

Don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook page to tell us what you thought of your first burlesque show – cannot wait to hear about it.  Enjoy your first show, you lovely lot. Thank you for reading. 

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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