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Top 3 Benefits of being Flexible and Fabulous

Hey everyone,

How are you all today? We hope you are well and enjoying the start to the most romantic month of them all. On the tip of our tongue and in every conversation is all about flexibility. We have upped our flexibility game at HOTB ahead of our first ever beginners FlexiBlue workshop (more about that below) but the question really is what are the real benefits of being flexible.


1 – Posture

Whenever posture is mentioned it reminds us of being told to stand straight, shoulders back, head up and stop slouching as kids *shudder at the memories*. The benefits to improved posture as an adult are endless and were quite right to be drummed into you as a nipper. As the muscles lengthen and become conditioned in a yummy ‘just out of bed’ type stretch, this improves the tone and the way you hold yourself up. Long gone are the photos from nights on the town where you a slouching into oblivion.

2 – Health & Wellbeing

This does feel a little cliché so forgive us. Being flexible and training your muscles really pops in the relaxation factor. The more you take care and condition your muscles, the more they look after you. You become less injury prone, less stressed and a greater range of movement whatever your shape, size, gender or age.

3 – Feel Amazing

If number two on this list doesn’t make you instantly feel amazing, how about this? There is nothing better than achieving the unachievable. Becoming flexible to touch your toes or the splits are a mega feat of the body and take careful planning, time and preparation but once it is achieved you certainly feel amazing and of course a sense of pride.



Being flexible and flex training is great fun and a right giggle. If you are embarking on a flexibility journey yourself, we would love to see your before & after pictures. Pop on over to our Facebook page to let us know.

If you haven’t started your flexibility journey as yet, we are running a beginners workshop – FlexiBlue – Click here for more exciting details.

You would like to keep up to date with our burlesque & flexibility antics, then join our mailing list. PLUS you will receive a FREE copy of our E-book 3 Secrets to Stage/Self Confidence. 

Be FlexiBlue & Fabulous

Thank you for reading

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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