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Catch up January: Showgirl Sunday by Scarlet Rose

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to our first instalment of Showgirl Sunday catch up. Each month, we will be bringing you our Enchantress, Scarlet Rose’s popular feature into one bitesize blog for your viewing pleasure.  

Scarlet Rose Burlesque

*Kim Khaos*

Very excited for ***Showgirl Sunday*** today as the performer in question is my preferred Kim K… Kim Khaos! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Kim a few times and she is super hot onstage. Whether she’s heating up the stage with her Grindhouse act or tributing Elizabeth Taylor, her acts are always crowd pleasers. I’m gutted to have missed her Tennet’s Lager Lass at Glasgow Festival of Burlesque, it sounds like it was quite the hit! Kim is also launching a new venture in the very near future: Exotic Ecdysiasts! It will be traditional costumes for a modern age and I can’t wait to see what she has created. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. Oh and she may be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, just to add to her status as an all round babe. Tonight I’m sharing her El Tigre grind, it’s pure seduction. Enjoy!


*Bettie Page*

Well, I was thinking of ending the *** Showgirl Sunday*** bonanza with a bang and then I thought, how about with Bettie bangs? Bettie Page was Queen of the Pin Ups but she also performed burlesque, peeling off her clothes in Irving Klaw films with a tongue in cheekiness that is so effortless you can’t help but adore her. One of the first Playboy centrefolds and hugely popular for her nude and bondage photoshoots at a time when women were told to be modest and hide their sexuality, the power of her unashamed poses should not be underestimated. She is also credited with inspiring many of the most famous performers in the world today, including Madonna, Katy Perry and of course, Dita von Teese. Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s showgirl celebration, normal service will resume next week. Take it away Bettie!


*Kitten and Lou*

And now for the ***Showgirl Sunday*** extravaganza to get wonderfully camp, with duo performers Kitten n’ Lou! Made up of show-busy couple burlesque artist Kitten LaRue and drag King Lou Henry Hoover, they promise an extravaganza onstage and this routine does not disappoint. The choreography is fantastical and fabulous, it certainly made me smile even in my half asleep state! Enjoy:


*Lola Frost*

Now that it’s properly dark outside, lets slow the ***Showgirl Sunday*** extravaganza down a touch with the introduction of Lola Frost! (Quite apt given the weather also). Known as Vancouver’s Rock’n’Roll flapper, she is the co-director of the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and the 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Exotic World Pageant 2013 but quite frankly I think this routine speaks for her skills better than I could. Slow, smooth and seductive, it’s stripsational. I love it!

*Penny Starr Sr & Penny Starr Jr*

This second ***Showgirl Sunday*** instalment is something very unique, as it is a family double act featuring a burlesque legend and a neo-burlesquer; Penny Starr Sr. & Penny Starr Jr.! Raised by Penny Starr Sr. until she was 4 and a half, Penny Starr Jr. was quite accustomed to the backstage environment and the joy of the pasty. As individual performers, Penny Starr Jr. has taught and performed across America, and also writes columns for 21st Century Burlesque. While the contribution made by Penny Starr Sr. and of course other burlesque legends is perhaps best high ledger when Penny Starr Jr. recalls a quote from Velvet Ice; “You had to love the work because you were going to be ostracised”. Their determination to perform their passion paved the way for performers today and should always be appreciated. Making their stage debut as a duet in 2007, they performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 in the Titans of Tease category, and as I’m sure you can see, it clearly runs in the family. Enjoy!


*Khandie Kisses*

Well we’ve got to kick off this ***Showgirl Sunday*** extravaganza with a bang, and what better than the tornado of a performer that is Khandie Khisses! This lady’s list of accolades include (and are not limited to): burlesque performer, model, photographer, actor, DJ, MC, teacher AND fire performer* have me reaching for the sofa just reading them! She has performed, headlined and toured internationally and is also the author of a most informative and interesting blog, do check that out while it’s on your mind. I defy anyone to watch this routine and not have a smile on their face, the only thing more pleasurable than watching burlesque is watching burlesque by a performer who is loving the moment. For the first time today, enjoy!


Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for reading.

Love & Tassels

Scarlet Rose




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