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3 Ways Burlesque can Change your Life

Happy Wednesday !!!

It is Wednesday and we hope you are feeling super fly! We always see Wednesdays as the start to our weekend as we get to teach some fabulous ladies burlesque every single Wednesday night. So let’s get the Wednesday party started.

We have been thinking a lot this week (we did wear safety helmets- promise ha), about how incredible burlesque is and how it has changed our lives for the better. These thoughts inspired today’s blog where we uncover the Top 3 Ways Burlesque can Change your Life.3 ways burlesque can change your life


1 – It can give you confidence

There is something extra fabulous about watching a sparkly burlesque performer on stage. Watching sumptuous costumes swish back and forth as the rhinestones hit the stage lights, it is mesmerising. Even with other acts, that aren’t as sparkly (such as the hilarious Carman Havalook and her yoghurt slinging act), they all exude one thing and that is confidence.

Watching a performer with confidence tugs at your inner confidence elf (it’s a real thing, promise) and inspires it to blossom. Burlesque classes are absolutely fantastic to channel this confidence elf (or are we thinking Jiminy Cricket?) by encouraging you to push your boundaries and let your inner goddess take over.  

It has certainly impacted our lives at HOTB.

We went to classes before we even went to a show. Speaking on behalf of everyone from HOTB, We were HOOKED on the first class.  Pamella and Trixie’s experience was a little different all those 7 years ago. They both had the opportunity with our class (The Suspender Kittens, one of Trixie’s favourite naming moments, especially as they are still called that to this day– super proud) to perform in one of Etrois professional shows at Aspers Casino. Watching the show was such an incredible experience; so much fun, so much flare and so much banter. Nothing that we had ever experienced before and we have never ever looked back.


2 – You can make amazing friends

OOH our favourite one. Burlesque is one of the best ways to meet people and have a giggle. As burlesque can still be considered taboo (even though it has impacted within mainstream culture), it always feels like a little sparkly secret club that anyone who loves burlesque can belong to.

In our experience, we have made so many friends throughout the North East and the UK by being a part of the burlesque community and had so many great times with these lovely individuals, especially with the lovely ladies we teach in our burlesque classes.
We are lucky to have such a strong scene in the North East and there is even a social hub called Blinks where burlesque lovers meet up periodically for a little bit of burlesque banter.  If you ever fancy a night with likeminded burlesque enthusiasts, check out the Blinks website for more details. We would LOVE to see you there.


3 – You can tap into your creativity

Even if you feel you are the least creative person, burlesque sparks creativity. Gone are the days of listening to your favourite songs without creating an act to them in your head. Say goodbye to the everyday chores that never used to finish with a shimmy. 

Being creative engages your brain to feel happy and fabulous, a perfect combination to create a happier you. Not to mention that you get to play around with different burlesque characters, costumes and choreography ooh ooh and our favourite MAKE UP, which really releases those happy hormones and injects a little colour into the every day.


Ah burlesque, it is the best B word we know…well except blue, we love blue haha. Thank you all for reading, we hope you enjoyed today’s blog and hope it has been a nice accompaniment to your cuppa.

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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  1. Carman havalook

    Aww my name is in this! Aww. Stalking on my lunch break!


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