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Did we Make or Break our 2015 Resolutions?

Happy Wednesday, 

We hope you are enjoying the ‘limbo’ between Xmas and New Year. We love this time here at House of Trixie Blue as we use it for reflection, preparation and PARTYING!!!!!!

This year, rather than keeping our reflections under our hat, we have chosen to share our ups and downs of 2015 with you to see if we did make or break our New Years resolutions…

summer deals!

Ah good old New Years resolutions, we thrive on them and enjoy creating them! but have we managed to make them work this year? Well let’s have a run down together. Here was our New Years Resolutions for 2015 – Original blog post is here


1 – To Maintain Our Ethos

2 – To Have Fun

3 – To See the World


A huge deep breath *glup* here we go…

1 – HUZZAH! We did it! We have maintained to our ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque by providing shows, workshops, courses and burlesque accessories for anyone aged 18+.

We have worked within the community to provide burlesque services (shows/workshops) for various charitable organisations plus we have worked with individual learners who have required our unique approach to teaching burlesque to meet their own needs.

All in all, we believe we have worked so hard to meet this so we are going to give ourselves a HUGE TICK! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this resolution.



2 – Ahhhh the name of our game is to have fun and we certainly have managed to do that here at House of Trixie Blue.


We have taught hundreds of lovely ladies and gents burlesque this year, which was so much fun. Teaching is a huge passion of ours and we are very passionate about burlesque, so it has been such a joy to teach such wonderful people week in week out.

1st aug dollys events burlesque


Trixie and Scarlet have performed all over the country, in various different shows ran by fantastic producers, not to mention winning a few competitions and tons of backstage banter.  


Finally, we have produced a bevy of burlesque shows this year, just for your enjoyment. We produce these shows to make you happy, smile and have fun. All in all- WE DID IT! We met this resolution. We had fun and hope you did too.



And finally…

3 – We have seen a ton of the UK this year (from Edinburgh to London and all in-between) but we didn’t manage to venture abroad in 2015. This means we better up our game in 2016 to have a cheeky holiday in the sun or maybe perhaps have a working holiday? So as the buzzer from Family Fortune states, XX, we sadly didn’t manage to make this resolution happen :-(. Ah there is always next year!


Whatever you are up to this New Years, we hope you have an amazing celebration and start to 2016. Bring on the burlesque banter for 2016 and thank you for your support in 2015. 

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue





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