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Body Confidence: Trixie Blue’s Final Words of 2015

It’s me! Trixie Blue and I am taking over the House of Trixie Blue blog today! This ism my final body confidence blog of the year. Scary thought that 2016 is closing in on us at a record speed. This year for me has been crazy awesome and I would like to share my experiences with you.

For the past year I had been completing my Masters of Research degree in Art in my ‘favouritist’ subject BURLESQUE! It was manic! Absolutely manic. I was running business full time and completing the master’s full time, which meant I had little time for me.  I popped on a little bit of weight, which did make me feel self-conscious about my body. Sure, everyone should be different shapes and sizes and embrace what they have BUT my weight gain did make me feel very uncomfortable about my body, which is not great for someone who performs burlesque to feel uncomfy. 


My master’s degree was such a challenge; it was blooming hard and incredibly stressful.  It made me lose focus and sight on what truly matters in life, being happy and having fun.  I thought if I tried to lose weight, it would make me happier. WRONG! I tried to diet, not great when you are very stressed.  I tried to cut back on my vices, also not helpful for when I was stressed, I needed the daily chocolate fix haha!

So I turned to the tried and tested method of exercise and d’ya know what? It helped me revaluate my priorities. Running and dancing became my magic potion (ended up completing the Great North Run again, was a fantastic experience). I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight but to release some feel good endorphins that made me happy in my skin, as body confidence to me is not what you weigh, it is how you are happy with your body and this is all I wanted.

I haven’t lost any weight what so ever but I now feel my confidence soaring due to all the happy hormones and of course the less stressful environment (master’s degree is finally finished huzzah). So it really does go to show it is what is in the inside that matters and by looking after your insides, the outside is purely a reflection of how you feel.  

IMG_0039 Mono


Thank you for reading my ramblings in 2015 and I look forward to catching you all in 2016. Take care and never ever forget to keep on shimmying.

Love and Shimmies

Trixie Blue





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