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Showgirl Sunday by Scarlet Rose This week it is *Nasty Canasta*

Morning everyone, 

We hope you are set for a fabulous Wednesday. Today we bring you Scarlet Rose’s weekly feature, Showgirl Sunday (well the catch up Wednesday version). Grab a cuppa and a biccy for this weeks instalment…

It’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** time! And this week it’s something short and sweet because even watching someone in the altogether makes me feel cold today. Nasty Canasta, The Girl with the 44DD Brain, has been performing burlesque in New York since 2004 and is not only a performer, but producer and costumer. She has travelled all over North America not just to perform but to teach and lecture on the art of burlesque. Best known for making subtle neo-twists on classic burlesque staples, her car alarm fan dance seriously entertained me, while at the same time proving you really can burlesque to anything. Enjoy!


Thank you lovely lot for reading and have a fantastic Wednesday.

Love & Tassels



Showgirl Sunday is brought to you by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue


Twitter: @ScarletRoseB

Instagram: scarletroseburlesque


Scarlet Rose Burlesque


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