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Do you have to…reveal?

Hey Everyone,

How are you all today? If you haven’t already seen it (which would be hard not to), BACK TO THE FUTURE is officially in the past! GREAT SCOTT!


Most of House of Trixie Blue were alive in 1985/2012/2015 (especially 2015), how fatefully depressing ;-).  Anyhoo, lets brighten up this autumn afternoon by answering one of the most frequently asked questions of the moment… Do you have to…reveal?

Just before we reveal (pun ha) the answer, what is revealing? Well it is the term used by the fabulous guys n dolls in burlesque to sum up the big finale to their acts. It is the icing on the cake, the full stop to the performance and it is just plain fabulous.

A reveal can come in all shades of excitement, it can be a reveal of your tasselled covered chest, creating a whirlwind of excitement by swinging those tassels, or it can be a ‘full moon’, where you reveal your cheeky bottom to the audience.

Here is an example of Trixie Blue doing a FULL reveal:

However, is this mandatory in burlesque? 

burlesque trixie blue 

Not in the slightest!

The tease of the performance, the narrative, the stage presence, the banter with the audience, plus so much more is far more important than a reveal.

A performance can be a burlesque performance without the reveal of a NAKED body, as burlesque ultimately means parody and satire rather than striptease and titillation. We won’t take you through a history lesson today! BUT if you are North East based and would like to know more about burlesques history, we run a show (always pimping) that introduces you to burlesque history, vintage burlesque film clips and live performance. It comes in the guise of The History of Burlesque: 1940/50s and this is our second instalment. Click the here for more info.

OOH we do ramble, sorry.  Here is a video that captures the essence of burlesque parody by the Lil Auld Ladies:

Tee hee hee so as you can see the reveal is optional.

We hope you have enjoyed our cheeky blog post today and we wish you a fabulous Wednesday!!!!

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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