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What Makes a Good Performer GREAT?

Good Morning,

We hope everyone is geared up for a super smashing day.  Its gonna be a corker here at House of Trixie Blue because we get to see our fantastic burlesque beauties this very evening for a spot of bluelesque burlesque. What could be better than that?? 

Anyhoo, we have been chingwagging with a lot of burly friends this week and our conversation surrounds what makes a good performer truly great? 

This blog post aims to use our own experience, knowledge and banter to subjectively answer this question.  We hope this helps in anyway you might wish to apply our thoughts – cuppa tea reading, to the stage, to the bar – worlds ya oyster!


Firstly, we would like to start with one of the most difficult skills to hone and that is confidence.  Confidence ultimately makes the performance utterly fantastic. However, we are fully aware that this is hard to achieve, even if you exude natural confidence.  

If in doubt FAKE IT!

Applying a confident façade when appearing on stage is a funny old thing.  As the saying goes (is it a saying?), the more confident you appear to be, the more confidence you will become.  This is because people will be drawn to you, drawn to your performance, drawn to your personality and this will assist in building your confidence naturally. 

Let yourself shine!

For your amusement, here is a little picture of Trixie in her FIRST EVER solo burlesque performance. Trixie had ZERO confidence and when we mean ZERO we mean ZERO. So this expression is the fake confidence expression teamed with an expression of ‘oh my golly gosh, bottom and wellies’ 


Second, is your passion for your subject (burlesque or otherwise).  When watching fantastic performers on stage, you can tell if they are really immersed within the culture of their chosen vocation by their face movements/costume/peels etc. This applies off stage as well. There is nothing greater than being passionate about your subject. People love passion (ooh er) and this is key to becoming a great performer.

Example here is the burlesque babe Dita Von Teese, she really knows her craft and is incredibly passionate about burlesque, which can be seen within her performances.

Our next thoughts are the attention to detail. A good performer really takes time over costume and props to ensure they are spot on in terms of use, inclusion and removal. However, a great performer takes this up a level and applies this to their movement, making sure each movement counts and forwards their performance narrative. There is no ‘Joey’s smell the fart acting’ going on here!

This sort of leads into our next idea, which is be aware of your surroundings. If you are able to, check out the performance space in advance of your performance. Check out the lighting and where there are shadowy places (exemplified in the Lion King by Mufasa explaining to Simba not to venture there) and make a concious note not to travel to the shadowy place. 

Note the edges of the stage (if applicable) and FEEL the floor of the performance area to ensure your shoes are able to provide enough grip and resistance.  

When on stage, take a moment to peruse your audience and ensure your performance is directed to them. 

Finally, what makes a good performer great in our eyes is allowing yourself to grow.  It can be safe to stay in the usual bump n grind and good performers can stay in the ‘good category’ for many years to come. However, you are not getting any younger (tee hee hee well everyone is 21 in the eyes of the HOTB burlesque world), and you change throughout your life so it would be a shame not to develop as a performer.  Truly great performers let themselves grow.  Sure this is a daunting prospect and is actually another blog post all together, but our tip to ensure you allow yourself to grow, is to pop on your confidence hat and go forth and shimmy.  Even if you don’t feel really confident to grow, just do it!


We hope you have enjoyed today’s ramblings and hope to see you all again soon.

Have a WONDERFUL day

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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