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Catch up Wednesday: Showgirl Sunday by Scarlet Rose…This week it is *Poison Ivory* & *Zelia Rose*

Hey everyone,

Its Catch up Wednesday with Scarlet Rose.  We have TWO fantastic performers to bring to you this week…

It’s ***Showgirl Sunday***! I love perusing all the reviews for Burlesque Hall of Fame on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine because 1) it helps me pretend I was there and 2) it ads as a very detailed reminder list of performers I need to check out, as it did with Poison Ivory this week! I love the story behind her discovery of burlesque, it shows that the positives of performance aren’t just for a creative outlet. Taught at the New York School of Burlesque, her love for the art is absolutely evident in this performance of her Let’s Burn routine. And if that wasn’t enough, she was guided through this act by none other than Perle Noire: you know it’s going to be good!

It’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** time! This week it’s a performer that you can’t help but smile when watching, Zelia Rose! Trained in burlesque, singing, dance, theatrical AND circus training to name but a few, there isn’t much this performer hasn’t turned her hand to. Winning Miss Burlesque Australia in 2014 and then going on win Best Debut at BHOF in 2015 for her Josephine Baker tribute act (which is quite the feat if you think about it), she is clearly a performer who can only get better. I love this tribute to Josephine as it seems to focus on the comedic side to her performances as well as her dancing skill, I enjoy it every time I watch it!

Thank you all for reading

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Showgirl Sunday is brought to you by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue


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