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Catch up Wednesday – Showgirl Sunday by Scarlet Rose This week it is *Lady Wildflower & Domino Barbeau*

Hey everyone,

It’s a double catch up Showgirl Sunday today. Scarlet & Trixie popped to Blackpool to see the Burlesque Noir show this weekend. It was full of legends, international and national performers. It was a treat. Anyway Scarlet has chosen two fabulous performers from this every event. Enjoy!

For the first of this week’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** double bill (with a Burlesque Noir theme because why not) is a performer I’ve been looking forward to seeing for a while, Lady Wildflower! An international performer, if I ever move to the North West it would probably be as a result of this lady’s efforts: performer, teacher, producer of The Frou Frou Club, Green Eggs & Glam AND The Hebden Bridge burlesque festival (the last two with Heidi Bang Tidy), I could spend my whole life going to watch shows! As a performer she was excellent to watch last night, and her Fire Imp routine has some enviable floor work. Definitely check it out as extra homework. But I’m going to share her Jinny Greenteeth routine as it was rather beautiful and haunting with it:

Secondly for today’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** Burlesque Noir special, a burlesque artist that had me spellbound last night, Domino Barbeau! Elegant, elaborate and exotic, she performed two opulent acts that proved why she is in demand all over the world. Now, so intriguing is she I’m unable to find a full routine video for her! So for a Showgirl Sunday first, I am sharing her showreel, because I wanted to celebrate her talent regardless! And if anyone knows of a video of a full routine, do feel free to let me know:

Thank you for reading

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